New Official Lenovo Legion Go Handheld Images Revealed

Lenovo Legion Go

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Just a couple weeks after reports of a brand new Lenovo handheld device had leaked, we now have official images of the Legion Go.

And as you can see, this thing is looking much better than the initial reports, which seemed to be using incorrect images.

And after seeing these designs, we feel a lot better about the whole thing!

And a device like this could truly give the Steam Deck and ASUS Rog Ally a run for their money if all goes well for Lenovo.

[Source WindowsReport]

Lenovo Legion Go

Lenovo Legion Go
Image Source: WindowsReport

Initial reports about the Legion Go did seem to be mistakenly using old design images of the canceled Legion Play.

So when we evaluated the Legion Go based on appearances, we were not too impressed.

These new photos give us an entirely different impression of Lenovo’s plans for a strong attempt to create the next best handheld PC.

Lenovo Legion Go
Image Source: WindowsReport

The Legion Go takes a lot of its inspiration from the king of all handheld game consoles – the Nintendo Switch.

The Legion Go will feature detachable controllers, much like the Switch. As well as a large kickstand on the rear of the device for tabletop gaming.

But I wouldn’t mistake the Legion Go for a simple Switch-clone. There are some incredible details here that make this something really unique.

Take a closer look at the triggers of the device, for example. The R1 L1 triggers wrap entirely around the device. And appear to have two stages of click.

There are also additional custom buttons on the side and rear of the controllers, a touchpad on the front of the right controller, as well as two scroll wheels tucked behind the R2 and L2.

So many beautiful details happening in those controllers make this a very intriguing device.

Pair these incredible controllers with the rumored 8 inch touch screen and its native Windows 11 operating system…

We’re looking at a pretty impressive Windows-based handheld device that just might be a viable option in 2023.


Lenovo Legion Go
Image Source: WindowsReport

Now that we’ve seen the actual images of the Legion Go, rather than old Legion Play concepts, we’re very intrigued.

And obviously quite interested to hear more details.

WindowsCentral reported a rumored AMD Phoenix series chip and 8-inch display, but exact hardware specs have yet to be revealed by Lenovo.

Now that the world has seen how great the Legion Go looks, there will be a lot of prospective buyers ready to get some details.

So we hope to hear from Lenovo soon.

We’ll surely keep our readers updated as those details become available, so keep checking back at Retro Dodo in the future.

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