LEGO Reveals New ATARI 2600 Set Aimed At Retro Gamers

LEGO Atari 2600

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Again, LEGO are targeting us retro gamers with another retro console set. Darn it LEGO, we’re in a recession… but okay, take my money!

This time it’s the infamous Atari 2600, and this set comes with a bunch of extras including a secret panel, the infamous joystick and some of the best ATARI 2600 games in LEGO form.

The ATARI 2600 original launched in 1977 and sold incredibly well, and LEGO wants a piece of the pie and to intrigue retro gamers into purchasing this set in hopes it sparks nostalgia.

Starting at $239.99 it’s fairly expensive, especially when you take into consideration that you can buy a real ATARI 2600 with games for just $100 on eBay.

But that aside it looks like an incredible piece. The LEGO ATARI 2600 measures 3″ high, 13″ wide and 8.5″ deep with a total of 2,532 pieces, just shy of the 2600 model, come on LEGO!

When you slide the top of the 2600 towards you, it will reveal a secret diorama that shows what it looks like to be in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

You’ll find a minifigure, nostalgic posters, a CRT TV and more old school touches that will no doubt peak your interest.

LEGO ATARI 2600 diorama

Each of the nobs and ports work to touch, and you can even insert the LEGO cartridges into the cartridge slot, just like the LEGO NES set that they launched a while back.

These cartridges that you make yourself feature Centipede, Asteroids and Adventure. Not only that, you get to build a couple of awesome pieces that show off the games features.

For example, the Centipede statue allows you to craft an actual 8-bit Centipede, Adventure features the casle and the Asteroids version comes with the turret in shooting mode. How cool!

If you look carefully to, you can see the box art is actually designed with LEGO parts in mind, making it one of the first “retro gaming” LEGO sets to do this.

This set also comes with a cartridge holder that you can store the cartridges in, making it feel even more nostalgic. Just remember to give them a blow before putting them in!

And finally the infamous controller is a delight to make and can be plugged into the back of the console, just like the good old days.

LEGO ATARI 2600 Release Date & Pricing

LEGO is launching the LEGO Atari 2600 set on August 1st for $239.99 and comes in at 2,532 pieces.

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