Incredibly Rare Pokemon Micro Machines Up For Sell On eBay

pokemon micro machines

We have delved into rare Pokemon Micro Machines in the past, they have an obscure history and was never released to the public back in the 90’s but a handful of samples and test products were made for very specific folks within the collecting world.

This was to see if the Pokemon & Micro Machines collaboration had any legs… or wheels? Micro Machines were well known for their vehicles, so Pokemon was certainly a little left wing and eventually after much discussion it was decided that they should not be released.

It’s that crossover you think people want but in reality if they did launch it would have likely been a flop. But now, these rare figurines and sets have found itself on eBay with a starting price of £349/$440.

As a Micro Machines collector myself I was very surprised to see these up for sale, especially after talking with other collectors that haven’t seen these for years.

pokemon micro machines unboxed

These sets very rarely make there way onto marketplaces likes this, especially in a “complete” set. We have only ever found one other seller that has boxed variants of these, and after contacting him last year it was pretty evident that they never want to sell them. Joe, the collector of the boxed editions also mentioned he has only ever seen these go on sell 3 times in his lifetime, they are that rare.

But these here could be a collectors dream if you’re willing to splash the cash, especially if you are a fan of Micro Machines or Pokemon. In total there are four sets up for grabs:

That’s 5 out of the 6 known so far, the set missing is Viridian Forest which features Rattatta, Weedle and Pidgeotto. The Viridian City set seems to be missing a couple of Pokemon including Nidoran in both male and female forms which is unmentioned in the listing.

It’s a rare chance to get hold of them, and although they may be priced fairly high now, who knows what could happen to your investment in a few years, especially with the increase in popularity of Pokemon!

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