How To Trigger Main Stories In Octopath Traveler II

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So, you’ve visited a town and opted to postpone the main story because you’re not the right level. Yet when you re-visit the town and expect the main story to trigger it doesn’t – sound familiar? Then let me help you learn how to trigger main stories in Octopath Traveler II. 

As with many aspects of this game, the solution is simple enough, as long as you remember all the information you were given in the beginning. Which, let’s be honest, is highly unlikely. 

If you fail to retain information as badly as I do, stick around and I’ll tell you a tale of a cosy tavern filled with great beverages, chatty NPCs, and a barkeep who can help you progress with those main stories. 

How To Trigger Main Stories In Octopath Traveler II

All you need to do to trigger a main story is visit the local Tavern, then select ‘Hear A Tale’ when talking to the barkeep.

Before you rush off to work your way through a backlog of chapters, just a couple of FYIs: you need the right character in your party, and you need to visit the correct tavern. 

Should you want to trigger a main story in Sai but are all the way in Winterbloom, you need to return to Sai and visit the Tavern there. I know it sounds pretty obvious to those of you who eat, sleep, and breathe Octopath Traveler, but for those new to the game it may not be so clear. 

As well as visiting the right Tavern, you also need to have the relevant character in your party – you can’t play Castti’s second chapter if she’s an idle party member. 

That’s really all there is to it; knowing how to trigger main stories in Octopath Traveler II is definitely a case of once you know the solution it’s a piece of cake.

Though, unfortunately, there’s not actually any cake involved. 

If you still feel out of your depth, I’m sure my 10 best Octopath Traveler II beginner tips will prove useful. And should you be struggling to travel across Solistia without spending a fortune, I have a guide for that too, detailing how to get your own ship in Octopath Traveler II

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