How To Change Difficulty In Fire Emblem Engage (The Easy Way)

change difficulty fire emblem engage

It’s been almost four years since Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but the wait for the next instalment is finally over. Fire Emblem Engage is here! 

For some die hard fans, the last three days have provided more than enough time to power through the game. However, for beginners and newbies to the franchise, such as myself, this is only the beginning. 

Which means setting up the game for your optimum experience might feel a little tricky – what difficulty level do you want? Should you opt for Casual or Classic Mode? Is it worth connecting online play?

So many questions many of you don’t want to wait around for answers to. Fortunately, I’m here to help!

If you’re about to start your first playthrough of Fire Emblem Engage, I’ve got just the advice you need regarding difficulty settings and how to change the difficulty level. 

What Are The Three Difficulty Levels?

Fire Emblem Engage offers three different difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Maddening. When you launch the game for the very first time you’ll need to select one of these options. 

Don’t be alarmed that there isn’t an Easy level to choose from – Normal is Fire Emblem Engage’s  easy option. 

The levels are as follows:

  • Normal: For new and intermediate players
  • Hard: For experienced players, e.g. those who are familiar with tactical RPGs and the Fire Emblem franchise
  • Maddening: For those who seek a true challenge, e.g. for players who want to be tested to their limits

If, like me, you’re new to this franchise, Normal difficulty is advised. Basically, the story takes centre stage during this type of playthrough. 

For those who want to be tested without the worry of rage quitting, Hard difficulty is more your speed. The story is still important, but the battles test your ability to strategically think when under pressure.

And then there’s Maddening difficulty, for anyone who enjoys regular bouts of pain and failure.

My advice: don’t choose this one if you haven’t yet finished the game on Hard, or if you’ve never played any Fire Emblem title before. Seriously, this is for those advanced players who look death in the face and laugh. 

How to Change The Difficulty In Fire Emblem Engage

Visit The Somniel and return to your bedroom. Once there, walk up to your bed and select it using the A button, which will give you the options Rest, Reminisce, and alter Difficulty; select Difficulty Setting to lower your current level. 

It’s super easy. However, there are a few stipulations you need to be mindful of. 

Firstly, you can’t increase your difficulty level, meaning if you find Normal too easy then you either need to put up with it or restart the game. 

Secondly, The Somniel only becomes available at the end of Chapter Three: Hostilities. 

If you keep those two crucial pieces of information in mind, you’ll be able to change the difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage no problem.  

I really hope this little guide has helped you better tailor the game to your needs. If in doubt, don’t forget to drop us a message. And be sure to stay tuned for more Fire Emblem Engage guides!  

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