How To Beat Mucktorok (Water Temple) In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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If you’ve been following my playthrough, we’ve already learnt how to beat the Wind Temple boss together, meaning we now need to figure out how to beat Mucktorok in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. 

Mucktorok is the beast causing all the issues in Zora Domain. In terms of difficulty, it’s slightly more challenging than Colgera (Wind Temple), but less taxing than Marbled Gohma (Fire Temple). 

Fortunately for us, Mucktorok has a similar MO to the mini boss we took down in my how to beat Sludge Like guide. Essentially, there will be mud. 

Ready to clean the water in Zora domain and swim like the elegant Zora you’ve always wanted to be? Then it’s time to beat Mucktorok!

How To Beat Mucktorok In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom 

How To Beat Mucktorok In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom  Mucktorok

The key to beating Mucktorok is to attack its shark form with Splash Fruit, then when its true form is exposed, get up close with your melee weapon to do considerable damage. 

Unfortunately, Mucktorok has two phases

In phase two, you still need to use Splash Fruit to expose Mucktorok’s true form. However, unlike previously, Mucktorok will jump around to avoid your attacks, leaving mud everywhere. 

How To Beat Mucktorok In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom  Mucktorok sludge

The Eyes Have It

Use Keese Eyeballs attached to arrows to always hit the target. 

After Mucktorok has been struck, it’ll fall to the ground, leaving you to use your melee weapon once again. 

Of course, Mucktorok isn’t going to go down without a fight. Watch out for its sludge attacks, that come in both a wave and beam form. Whichever Mucktorok uses, jump over the incoming attack to avoid damage.

How To Beat Mucktorok In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom  Mucktorok attack

Learning how to beat Mucktorok isn’t hard because it’s a super tough boss, but because it moves around a lot, making it difficult to aim. 

Stock Up!

If you don’t have any Keese Eyeballs, head to Kakariko Village to buy some. Or you can head to a nearby cave and wait for a swarm of Keese to attack, allowing you to get eyes for free. 

Should you not have enough Splash Fruit, Blue ChuChu Jelly is a great alternative, as are Opals attached to arrows. 

When Mucktorok bites the dust, Sidon will pledge his water ability to you, and the Zora Domain water will clear. Huzzah! 

Now we know how to beat Mucktorok, we can’t rest on our laurels because there’s more to be done – you could learn how to beat Master Kohga, for example. And there’s always my 13 best The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom beginner tips to help you in a pinch. 

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