How Many Eyes Does Magneton Have?

how many eyes does magneton have

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Here’s a question that any budding Pokemon Trainer might want to know – how many eyes does Magneton have?

If you want to learn literally everything there is to know in the Kanto Pokedex, there’s a bunch of trivia that can be of value to you.

The aforementioned question is definitely one of these little tidbits that’ll set your knowledge apart from others.

It could also help you out in any Pokemon quizzes that you take part in potentially giving you the edge over the competition.

Let’s get into answering how many eyes does Magneton have, so you can be on your way to becoming a new Pokemon Professor.

How Many Eyes Does Magneton Have?

magneton eyes

Magneton has a total of three eyes, since the Pokemon is essentially three Magnemite stuck together, each possessing one eye.

What’s most interesting about the fact Magneton has three eyes is that Magneton is the direct evolution to Magnemite so you’d actually expect there to be two not three.

When you look at the Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam line, this does follow that of the trajectory you’d expect with Abra not possessing any spoons, Kadabra having one, and Alakazam having two.

The fact that Magneton doesn’t do this, and with no indication of number jumps in its name, is quite odd.

Moreover, when you throw Magnezone into the mix, the newer evolution of Magneton that was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, this also has three eyes.

magnemite magneton magnezone

Yes, the design has changed slightly with the eyes not being in tri form since the main body of Magnezone is more UFO like, but it’s odd that there wasn’t more Magnemite added thus more eyes.

Really, if it were to follow a similar evolution format, something like 6 eyes would be more fitting, or even more to coincide with the initial jump from Magnemite to Magneton.

Whether you’re a fan of Magneton’s design or not, we hope that we’ve cleared up any confusion around how many eyes it does have.

Now you can pocket this info and bring it out in the heat of the moment when it’s needed the most!

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