Habbo Hotel Returns & Available To Play Today

hobbo hotel origins

One of the most iconic online games of the 2000’s was Habbo Hotel, a virtual world that you could enter to talk and play with friends from across the globe using 8bit sprite-like graphics. It quickly came to abrupt end as the world moved on, but one server remained…

This server featured some long-lost files and was discovered at the start of 2024, a Habbo developer and long time player called Macklebee found these files and decided to restore them, bringing back the original Habbo Hotel version which was released in 2005.

The Habbo Hotel team quickly decided to bring this version back for the masses with a new name: Habbo Hotel Origins featuring a fresh look and a community-led approach.

The game is available to play from the Habbo Hotel Origins website using a launcher, you will need to create and account, but you can use social media profiles to login quicker.

habbo hotel

To begin with there will be three different servers, one for English speaking folk, one for Portugese and a third for Spanish. When you create an account be sure to snap up a username as these will go quite quickly!

The issue the original Habbo Hotel kept stumbling upon was the fact it require a lot of moderation, to bypass that Habbo Hotel is only available for those aged over 18+, allowing Habbo to be less stringent and open it up to auto-moderation by the community.

It still keeps the cute, homely vibes that the game was known for and in a time when many want virtual escapes theres no better retro escape that the one and only hotel.

It’s obvious that the developers behind this game want to keep ontop of updates, and have created areas within the game to vote, ask questions and share advice regarding the games development. I am excited to see the the hotel grow over the coming months, now all we need to see is Neopets make a return to compete!

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