GamesDoneQuick Raises Over $2.6 Million For Charity


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GamesDoneQuick is an annual video game event where the most proficient speedrunners put on a ‘quick’ performance all in the name of charity.

The most recent event, Awesome Games Done Quick 2023, took place between January 8th and January 15th and raised a total of $2,642,493.

All proceeds were for the benefit of, whose efforts help with cancer prevention and early detection.

GamesDoneQuick 2023
Image Source: GamesDoneQuick

This is quite an incredible achievement, and we are proud to see the love of video games benefiting some worthy causes.

We are also proud of our gaming community for supporting the AGDQ events and donating!

More GamesDoneQuick

I’ve watched a ton of the AGDQ content on Youtube over the past few years, and they are super entertaining.

It’s also pretty educational when you start to see the finer details of games that you thought you knew well… until you see them played by true aficionados.

AGDQ events are always a nerd-fest in all of the best ways, and feature some of the most entertaining members of the speedrunning community.

My personal favorite AGDQ video is Bloodborne played by the hilarious HeyZeusHeresToast:

Do yourself a favor and go watch a bunch of AGDQ videos. You might learn something. You’ll definitely get a laugh out of it.

And if you want to catch the next event, it will take place May 28th to June 4th. At a minimum, you should watch it… and hopefully you are inspired to donate as well.

Mike Uyama

GamesDoneQuick / Mike Uyama
Image Source: GamesDoneQuick

This most recent AGDQ2023 event also happened to be the final event being directed by GamesDoneQuick founder Mike Uyama.

Mike formed GamesDoneQuick over thirteen years ago and has helped raise over $41million for charity since 2010.

Needless to say, Mike is a true hero. And doing it all in the name of video games makes it that much cooler, in our book.

Thank you Mike for all of your hard work and contributions to the video game community and for making the world a better place. We salute you!

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