Modder Builds World’s First Game Boy DMG Advance

game boy dmg advance

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Wow, we continue to be blown away by what is made possible by the talented Game Boy modding community.

And today is no different… a Game Boy DMG Advance in 2022?

If you’ve followed modern Game Boy modding, you will know the console’s maker Obirux of Youtube and Instagram fame.

He is responsible for some of the most beautiful Game Boy modifications in the scene…

Most of which focus on horizontal orientation models, such as the Macro mod (taking a DS and turning it into a single screen horizontal console).

The title of his Youtube video reads “This Gameboy is like no other”, and that certainly holds true.

Game Boy DMG Advance
Image Credit: Obirux Youtube

Building a Game Boy DMG Advance

By hand modifying two DMG (original model) Game Boy shells, Obirux was able to craft the shape of a horizontal shell that looks like it came straight from the factory like that (or as modder elite call it… OEM).

Watching his Youtube video, you can see he also worked some wizardry to cut and reshape the necessary PCBs used in the original Game Boy and also the modern IPS screen mod.

Building a Game Boy DMG Advance
Image Credit: Obirux Youtube

The IPS screen modification is actually the only thing that is not original, and it gives the old Game Boys a new backlit screen and color changing options.

Looking at the finished product, you would have absolutely no idea that it was born of some truly Frankenstein-like work.

Two shells, an original Game Boy circuit board, a modern IPS screen kit, and a ton of work.

All resulting in one of the coolest Game Boys ever made. It’s just too bad Nintendo didn’t do it for us.

With people like Obirux coming up with these awesome concepts, our pre-teen selves are pretty darn excited.

Game Boy DMG Advance
Image Credit: Obirux Youtube

Inspired by the original

Of course, we have seen hundreds of new game consoles emulate the games and emulate the appearance of retro games consoles.

For example, the PiBoy XRS looks quite similar to the Game Boy DMG Advance, cause it was directly inspired by the aesthetic of the original Game Boy.

But we are happy to see people finding new ways to modify the original hardware. True OG stuff.

What can it play?

Keep in mind, even though this thing looks like a Game Boy Advance… the internals are all the original monochrome Game Boy that released in 1989.

So besides the new orientation, and the gorgeous IPS screen… it’s gonna play exactly like the very first Game Boy model.

Which is why this is so cool.

Much like how the Analogue Pocket showed modern gamers that original hardware (or at least hardware that acts like original hardware) is still the best way to play Game Boy games.

Where the Analogue pretends it is a real Game Boy, this Game Boy DMG Advance mod by Obirux is a Game Boy. Just with some new clothes on.

Obirux made no changes to the way the console plays games, or to the way original cartridges fit into the shell.

This console will play all of the Best Gameboy Games flawlessly… because… well… of course it will. It’s a real Game Boy inside.

And a lot of us Game Boy nerds appreciate that original hardware and the magical feeling you get with a real Game Boy in your hands.

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