Funnyplaying Launches NEW Game Boy Cartridge Dock

Funnyplaying BurnMaster

Funnyplaying has just announced their own Game Boy game cartridge reader and writer device, which they are calling the BurnMaster. Sounds pretty hardcore!

And after what was one of the biggest disappointments in handheld launches (Retro Pixel Pocket), it is good to see Funnyplaying go back to Game Boy products.

This is the area where they truly shine and where those deep in the Game Boy scene grew to love them.

So I, for one, am happy to see Funnyplaying back in their best form. And this does seem to be one of their coolest products yet.

Funnyplaying BurnMaster

Funnyplaying BurnMaster

The new BurnMaster Portable Cart Flasher is Funnyplaying’s answer to devices like the GB Operator or InsideGadgets’ GBxCart RW (which I own and use).

Like those devices, the BurnMaster is intended to pull ROM data from your own personal game cart collection or write new games to blank cartridges. I use my InsideGadgets device to do the latter.

Many people like having a device like this, because it means that you can rip your own ROMs from game cartridges you own. So you are technically do everything legally if you also enjoy emulation handhelds.

It also offers the convenience of backing up save files, which are sometimes lost due to dead batteries inside old game cartridges.

If you want to change your battery, you’ll also want to back up your important save files so they are not lost during the swap.

My favorite thing to do with a game cartridges reader/writer is to play around with making my own custom games.

I have used my InsideGadgets device to test my own game, The Mayor of Sanctuary, as well as creating fun custom carts for favorites like Grimace’s Birthday.

And if you’re gonna get into making custom game cartridges, you’re gonna need the blank cartridges to do it. Luckily, Funnyplaying has us covered there too!

Game Cartridges

Funnyplaying BurnMaster
Source: Funnyplaying

In addition to a Game Boy cartridge reader/writer device, Funnyplaying has also created their own line of blank game cartridges. For both the Game Boy/Game Boy Color (they use the same cartridges) and the Game Boy Advance.

They are calling these cartridges the “MidnightTrace” version. And surely you’d agree that these carts are absolutely gorgeous with the exposed gold traces paired with a black and orange circuit board.

Their MidnightTrace GB/GBC FLASH CART and the MidnightTrace GBA FLASH CART both retail for $27.00usd.

Which is significantly cheaper than the carts previously offered by InsideGadgets, which are also often sold out.

If you intend to use one of these cartridges, then you will want to look into its specs and make sure it is a good fit for your intended game. Those specs are available on the Funnyplaying website.


Overall, I’m pretty impressed with what Funnyplaying is offering for new options in the realm of game cart reading and writing.

This is a particular area of Game Boy development/modding/archiving that currently only has a few options. And those options are not particularly affordable yet. Mostly in the blank cartridges.

The BurnMaster is currently sold in several separate pieces to allow for your final unit to be a bit custom with some nice color options available.

Looking at the listing on their website and reading the description, I am a bit lost on why it has a one inch OLED screen and can use Game Boy Pocket buttons on the front.

But these just seem to be bells and whistle features for standard reading and writing use. I don’t imagine we will ever be playing games on this device.

The main BurnMaster PCB KIT retails for $20usd, with the main body housing retailing for only $4usd and a slot cover retailing for $1usd.

This is pretty wild, because that means the entire unit will be less than $30 total (if you factor in the Game Boy Pocket buttons as well).

That’s about the same price as the InsideGadgets unit, but that is just a bare bones PCB without any kind of shell or extras.

Overall, I think these kinds of releases in the tech world are good for progress. Having new products at an affordable price means that other options will follow at similar price points.

I’m happy to see another fun option in the Game Boy niche, and I look forward to seeing what advances it inspires next.

Good job, Funnyplaying. Stick to Game Boy.

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