First TV Commercial For Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Dropped

Zelda Commercial

Nintendo has officially dropped the first television commercial for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

This is the same tv spot that was the center of some controversy last week when it leaked online.

Nintendo has been going on a bit of a tear through Youtube dropping copyright claims on anybody covering this leak.

But now that the television promo has been officially released on the Nintendo Youtube, there’s no need to go find it on the dark alleyways of Reddit.

Before we break down what is featured, let’s take a look at the commercial that Nintendo didn’t want you to see last week:

You Can Do What?!

This television commercial for the new Legend of Zelda video game coming to the Nintendo Switch is titled “You Can Do What?!

Nintendo is really emphasizing the amount of freedom and creativity you have with Link’s new abilities in the game.

We can see some creative transportation options and weapon utilization that were previously shown in the April 13th Official Trailer #3. Just put to use in a few new scenarios.

Zelda Commercial
Image Source: Nintendo

Our minds are still blown by everything that saw in the previous trailer, and everything we will be experiencing in the new game.

This commercial just adds a little extra hype to the ever growing mountain of excitement.

Flame Gleeok
Image Source: Nintendo

I think one detail that will perhaps bring the most excitement is the confirmation of Gleeok, and perhaps the confirmation that there will be different types.

The use of the name “Flame Gleeok” suggests there might be other types.

I didn’t recognize this three headed dragon in the previous trailer. But many were quick to point out the identity of this returning character who made their debut in the very first Zelda game on the NES.


There really isn’t much to conclude here, besides the usual “we are ready” type stuff we’ve been saying over and over.

I guess I’m just most surprised that people are making television commercials anymore?

With the Japanese loving their television consumption, it makes sense that Nintendo would produce a series of commercials.

And surely the Japanese language of this one is gonna get a ton of airtime in the next few weeks.

Hey Nintendo – you don’t need to do any more selling or hyping to me personally.

But I do understand there are gonna be a few outliers who have yet to be exposed to the magic of Tears of the Kingdom.

So let’s all do our part to wrangle them into team Zelda and let’s all be ready for the game come May 12th.

I’ve got my The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom OLED Switch reserved and I will be picking that up on Friday.

And obviously I will be grabbing a copy of the new game the day it comes out. And then I will be disappearing into Hyrule forever. In theory, at least.

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