First 4 Figures Reveals Stunning New Metroid Prime Statue

First 4 Figures Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit

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First 4 Figures has just revealed their exciting new Metroid Prime – Samus Varia Suit statue, just in time for the holidays. And it goes without saying that this thing is looking absolutely stunning.

So far, we only have a sneak peak of the upcoming PVC statue. But thankfully, the reveal is not as elusive and mysterious as some teases we see.

Samus Varia Suit

The video posted on Youtube today gave us a very clear and up-close look at the new “Samus Varia Suit” pvc statue.

This is looking like a perfect gift for fans of the recent Metroid Prime Remastered, or the original release on the GameCube.

The fine lines in the Varia Suit and the pristine paint job are a perfect example of the attention to detail we know First 4 Figures for.

F4F are known for producing some of the most beautiful collectible display items from many of our favorite gaming franchises. Like the incredible Mario Kart statue we covered at the beginning of the year.

We’re anticipating that same quality in the Samus statue and also a unique base, which was not revealed in the sneak peak video.

With many First 4 Figures, the base is just as beautiful and full of detail as the character itself. So this is something to be excited for in the full reveal on the First 4 Figures website.

Pre-Order Information

First 4 Figures Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit
Image Source: First 4 Figures

Pre-orders for the First 4 Figures Metroid Prime – Samus Varia Suit are set to begin on October 24th.

The product listing has not yet hit the First 4 Figures website, but they are currently running an email signup to be notified when page is live. And if you sign up for the notification, you will also get a $10 coupon.

Prices are also not yet announced, but that $10 coupon can’t hurt. And if you wanna secure your Samus statue in time for the holidays, you’ll want to get your order in as soon as you possibly can.

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