Playable DanceDanceRevolution Mini Arcade Announced

DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini

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A new playable mini-arcade version of the 1998 classic DanceDanceRevolution has just been announced by ZUIKI. [Spotted at TimeExtension]

The project is created with the support of Konami, and will contain a fully playable game onboard.

Obviously, you will not be stomping all over your brand new mini-arcade. But don’t worry, ZUIKI has it all figured out. Let’s see exactly how this thing works…

DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini

DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini
Image Source: ZUIKI

The DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini is the latest of many miniature arcade replicas to release in 2023.

To answer your number one question now – Yes, this thing is playable using your fingers.

As absurd as it sounds, this 1/5 scale replica is actually intended to be used as more than just a bookshelf décor item.

DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini
Image Source: ZUIKI

But don’t worry, you won’t have to play by dancing behind the small guard rail of the mini-arcade while watching the action on the tiny screen.

You can think of the entire unit more as a small home console in the form of an arcade replica.

The device connects to a larger monitor via HDMI, and there are additional dance pads that up to two players can finger-dance on. It’s more like large buttons to mash with your full hand.

There’s even a larger pad that can allow for you play with your feet, just like the original.

DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini
Image Source: ZUIKI

The unit will ship with labels for all three generations of DDR, allowing you to style your mini-arcade in DanceDanceRevolution, DDR 2nd Mix, or DDR 3rd Mix aesthetics.

The onboard game is said to “contain mainly songs from the first to third edition”.

And we are anticipating fully playable DDR stages exactly like what you saw in every arcade hall in the early 2000s.

But now, you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own living room without having to clear too much space for it.

Purchasing Information

DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini
Image Source: ZUIKI

The DanceDanceRevolution Classic Mini is launching a crowdfunding campaign on, a Japanese version of Kickstarter.

Their campaign is set to begin on October 10th, at 7pm JST.

There is currently no mention of pricing, early bird bonuses, or package options. So it’s best to check out the full campaign there once it is live.

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