CRKD Reveal New “Stick Top Packs” For The Nitro Deck

crkd stick top packs

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If you’re not familiar with CRKD, then let me briefly introduce you.

CRKD recently launched their new Nitro Deck grip for the Nintendo Switch and it blew us away. It’s a superb grip, with a nostalgic touch, mappable buttons, removable analogue sticks and great comfortability, you can read our full Nitro Deck review here.

As mentioned one of the features was that it has removable joystick grips.

crkd analogue stick tops

With every purchase you typically get one or two extra grips, but for those wanting a wider selection and a way to pimp your Nitro Deck then this news will come with open arms.

CRKD have revealed their new “Stick Top Packs” for the Nitro Deck, and they were nice enough to send us a sample early to test.

Our review pack for the Nostalgia Series purple variant comes with 8 new grips, 4 of them in yellow, and four in grey to match the two hall joystick colours.

Types of extra joysticks in the pack:

  • 2x Con-caved Grips
  • 2x Nippled Grips
  • 2x Circled Grips
  • 2x Edge Grips

These are not official names, but the above image should give you a better insight alongside some of the installation pictures.

In terms of installation, it’s as easy as pulling off the old ones, and clicking in the new ones with very little pressure. They are presented in a high quality box, with foam padding to keep each stick in place.

They use a good quality material with great grip, and a high amount of detailing. From my past experience reviewing the Nitro Deck I would prefer a screw in mechanism rather than a click on mechanic, because i have myself at times pulling this out of my bag and the caps are nowhere to be seen.

So I have to scrounge around at the bottom of my bag looking for them. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but it has happened enough to notice! I guess CRKD are too deep into the product release to change this, but could be a nice change for their next grips, if they exist.

It’s a neat way to customise your Nitro Deck, and each Stick Top pack will cost approximately £14.99/$19.99, and they come in different colours such as midnight edition, dust edition and retro edition, all now available and shipping now on their website.

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