Hands On With The Upcoming Octopus Arcade Stick

I love a good beat ’em up and for the past week I’ve been going hands on with the upcoming Octopus Arcade Stick from TR Fight Stick for SEGA Dreamcast. What makes the Octopus stand out, however, is how it is designed to be used with multiple different consoles and not just SEGA’s final games […]

Grid Studios Launch Black Friday Deals Featuring Popular Retro Frames

grid studios duke controller

If you have followed us for some time, you’ll know that we are big fans of Grid Studio’s products, we’ve been using them for years and have even purchased some ourselves in the past as gifts. These frames also featured in our best retro gaming gifts article as they’re perfect for retro gaming rooms, offices […]

CRKD Nitro Deck Review – The Best Switch Grip?

crkd nitro deck review

The CRKD Nitro Deck is quite simply a premium grip for the Nintendo Switch, working with both the original and OLED models. It’s unique in many ways, and ever since its reveal earlier in the year it has received a lot of attention thanks to it’s unique design, nostalgic features and ergonomics. But is it […]

ANBERNIC RG405V Review – The Best Handheld For Gamecube?

anbernic rg405v review

The ANBERNIC RG405V is like playing with Barney’s big toe, it looks disgusting, it looks uncomfortable and it’s abnormally large… but you kinda like it because you’re weird like that. What makes the RG405V some what unique, is that it’s trying to cram a large 4″ screen into a vertical format, something which isn’t done […]

Powkiddy RGB30 Review – Starting A New Handheld Style?

Powkiddy RGB30

Today’s review is based on my own personal experience with what is probably my favorite handheld of 2023 – the Powkiddy RGB30. What makes it particularly special is the unique 4 inch square format display. This display makes the RGB30 an absolutely perfect device for early retro handheld console emulation, especially anything 8-bit. And by […]

Retroid Pocket 2S Review – The Best Handheld Under $100?

retroid pocket 2s

The Retroid Pocket 2S was an unexpected reveal. With GoRetroid innovating with the Retroid Pocket Flip and the previous Retroid Pocket 3+, I was adamant we’d see something unique for their next retro handheld. But instead they took one step back… and two steps forward with this device. The Retroid Pocket 2S is incredibly similar […]

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At TMNT Quarter Scale Arcade Machines

tmnt quarter arcade machines

We had the opportunity to head into London and get an exclusive first look at the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Quarter Arcade Machines by Numskull Designs. Numskull are not only releasing one, but two TMNT arcade machines this year. One features the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game from 1989, and the second cabinet […]