Call Or Text The Mario Bros In Real Life, It Actually Works!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie commercial

If you’re just as much of a Mario Bros fan as us, then how about you call or text the Mario Bros. and have a word with them about your plumbing.

And no, we’re not losing our minds – this actually works, and you can ring them at any time of day!

If you watched the Super Bowl back in February 2023, then you will no doubt remember that a trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie dropped with a telephone number and website relating to Mario’s actual profession.

And no, that’s not stomping on Goombas – it’s about his plumbing business!

This commercial was seen by millions of people, and you can bet that pretty much every one of them rang this number to see if it was real.

Honestly, this is one of the cleverest pieces of marketing we’ve ever seen and it certainly drew us in incredibly quickly.

In this new video we got an incredible promo for the film that brought back Nintendo raps, acknowledged Mario and Luigi’s occupation, and pays homage to the previous Mario television shows!

Website and Telephone Number

The Super Mario Bros. Movie commercial

Perhaps the most interesting and exciting part of the faux-advert was the inclusion of a telephone number and web address.

When you visit the website,, you are greeted with a website for a “real” plumbing business, including an About Us and Testimonials for Mario and Luigi’s service.

The website once again features the telephone number shown at the end of the commercial… 929-55-MARIO or 929-556-2746.

Needless to say, many were quick to see if the telephone number worked. Spoiler alert: It does!

If you call the number, you will get Luigi (voiced by Charlie Day) on the answering machine for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing.

And if you text the number, as Luigi suggests, you’ll be encouraged to sign up for updates about the movie.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie commercial
Image Source: Illumination

We never really needed any further encouragement or reasons to be excited about The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but having the ability to call or text the Mario Bros. definitely worked a treat!

But cute promotions like this just add to how awesome this film is!

The team at Illumination and their marketing force have done an amazing job thus far. I mean, we headed to see the Mario Movie multiple times throughout April, and now you can enjoy the Super Mario Bros. Movie at home as many times as you want!

Oh, and Mario… call me back! I left you a message about that plumbing service!

How Many People Have Watched The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Over 168.10 million people watched the Super Mario Bros. Movie at the cinema, making it the most successful video game adaptation movie of all time.

It became the highest grossing video game movie after just a week at the Box Office. That’s incredibly impressive!

When Did Mario First Start Working As A Plumber?

Mario the Plumber was created back in 1985. Shigeru Miyamoto thought that a plumber would be the best profession for a hero working underground and moving through pipes.

Maybe Bowser continually sneaks into Princess Peach’s castle through the pipes, something he’s picked up after watching the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets?

Why not keep the Mario spirit alive and check out our list of the best Mario Games of all time to play after you’ve watched the movie for the 1,000th time!

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