Boulder Dash: Ultimate Collection Coming to Switch

Legendary 80s video game mascot Rockford is returning to consoles on Friday 18th February, in Boulder Dash: Ultimate Collection on Nintendo Switch. Releasing in a physical, boxed version by ININ Games, Boulder Dash: Ultimate Collection packages both Boulder Dash Deluxe and Boulder Dash: 30th Anniversary Edition – which gives players more than 400 new levels in total.

Included are 20 levels from the original 1984 release of Boulder Dash – and over 30 new levels have been created by Peter Liepa, the developer of the very first versions of Boulder Dash.

Though the timeless, arcade-style, push-your-luck digging gameplay remains intact on the Nintendo Switch version, numerous new features have also been added, including unlockable characters, upgrades and customisation options. New features such as the ability to freeze scenery or use dynamite to clear otherwise impassable terrain are also included, modernising the gameplay without sacrificing its simplicity or addictiveness.

The 30th Anniversary edition of Boulder Dash contains a selection of ten characters to choose from – and the Deluxe edition of Boulder Dash allows players to customise Rockford to their heart’s content through different kinds of clothing.

We named Boulder Dash as one of our Best Commodore 64 Games – and the original formula remains just as compelling today as it was on that 8-bit computer back in the 80s. Though the game’s star, Rockford, has never really been away – with versions of Boulder Dash appearing on the NES, Game Boy, DS, PSP, Wii and Xbox – it’s great to see him appearing in this compilation of two previously digital-only (and separate) Switch titles.

Boulder Dash: Ultimate Collection will be available for the Nintendo Switch in Europe on the 18th of February 2022; if you’re lucky enough to be based in North America, it’s available now!

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