Meet “BitBoy One” The Handheld That Can Hold Your Bitcoin

bitboy one

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For those that enjoy handheld consoles and investing in crypto your day has come, there’s a new device in the works designed to play games on the go and act as a wallet for your cryptocurrencies using Xverse and Unisat.

It’s not the first company to do this, the TRDR Pocket 2 came to fruition with a crypto integration and ultimately flopped soon after launch thanks to its poor build quality and scam-like marketing.

The BitBoy One handheld is created and developed by Ordz Games, a company who creates game-like ways to mine their own and other crypto currencies.

They now want to crate a physical games console that can not only hold your Bitcoin and other currencies but also the ability to play games which sub-consciously mines crypto for you.

I am no crypto expert, and admittedly do not understand the deep technology it runs on, but it seems Ordz Games has success with this way of mining through gamification.

bitboy one handheld back
image credit: ordz games

The BitBoy One takes design inspiration from the original Game Boy and the new transparent Analogue Pocket, in fact I have the orange transparent version myself and it looks very similar to Ordz Games upcoming device.

It features a fully transparent case, with transparent buttons and a speaker at the bottom of the face which looks as if it’s surrounded by a LED light, which I haven’t seen before. It looks like there’s two SD cards slots on the side, likely for storing your games and wallet externally… just incase.

From what they’ve shared publicly on their Twitter it has a 3.5″ display with a resolution of 640×480, 4GB RAM, 32GB of memory with access to its 2100MAH battery via USB-C charging. Although looking closer at the sticker on the back it does say “may explode in a bull run”.

If you have read many of our other handheld reviews you’ll know that I am a big fan of flared shoulder buttons, so it’s good to see that they’ve added it here. It will also feature a RK3566 processor, the same as the popular Powkiddy RGB30. It also features

bitboy one handheld buttom usb-c
image credit: ordz games

I do wonder though how these small specs mine larger currencies, I do not believe this device has enough power to mine Bitcoin itself.

All that they need to add now is a HDMI-out port unless it can be used with a USB-C adapter, allowing you to hook up your display for more information. Hopefully this device does come to fruition, because no doubt it will give miners a new way of gamifying their investment strategies.

Apparently it will be able to emulate your favourite retro games too likely coming with a pre-built OS that can access your ROMs via the SD-card slots, but only time will tell. Lots of handhelds in the past have got to the point of 3D models and a few prototypes but ultimately failed, for example the OHWOW handheld received a lot of attention before social accounts went silent.

According to Decrypt the handheld will retail for $500, which again, I am no crypto expert so I have no idea if this is a good price point for what this does, but I will mention that other RK3566 devices that we have reviewed are rarely priced over $100.

image credit: ordz games

First prototypes have been shown at the Honk Kong Web3 gaming expo today, so it seems they have a serious plan for this device featuring alongside a custom Game Boy and a custom Game Boy Pocket with orange transparent shells.

Every sale of the device, customers will be sent a digital version of the handheld inscribed on the blockchain via Ordinals inscription, this version will also be able to play games via the BitBoy One website too.

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