10 Best Single Player Steam Deck Games To Download Today

best single player steam deck games

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The Steam Deck is one impressive machine, allowing you to take the more AAA experiences on the go while solo adventuring or just on the bus to work, but what are the best Single Player Steam Deck games to play in 2023?

While you can enjoy multiplayer games on the system, as you’ll likely be out and about with a spotty internet connection, single player titles are tried and true experiences that you can play whenever you like.

However, with Steam’s library so vast, it’s virtually impossible to pick out just a few single player games.

Here, we’ve done some of the work for you, detailing what we think are the top ten choices so you can simply hit download and get playing.

NB – All game release dates listed as on Steam.

1. Baldur’s Gate 3 (2023)

Baldurs Gate 3 cover art best single player steam deck games
Credit: Larian Studios

One of the newest games, but in our opinion, the best single player experience on Steam Deck, is Baldur’s Gate 3.

There was a bunch of hype by fans of previous Baldur’s Gate titles for this new iteration but once it launched, it was welcomed by what seemed like most of the industry.

With an incredible take on the Dungeons & Dragons world, enthralling gameplay elements, and too many brilliant characters to name, there’s no surprise that it was an instant hit.

The game is also huge, potentially taking over 100 hours to beat, meaning you’ll be getting serious bang for your buck even at full price.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of those titles that simply doesn’t come around too often and since you can experience it on the go with Steam Deck is just a complete no brainer.

2. Elden Ring (2022)

Elden ring cover art
Credit: FromSoftware Inc., Bandai Namco Entertainment

Just missing out on our top pick for the best single player Steam Deck games is the undisputed king of fantasy Elden Ring.

What more can you say about this instant classic that hasn’t been said already. It builds on the already fantastic Souls formula and creates an even more vast open world that you can get lost in for hours on end.

One playthrough simply isn’t enough to experience what Elden Ring has to offer either so not only is it a top tier game, it also has insane replayability.

The only real complaint to have when playing on Steam Deck is that you will have to lower the graphical settings to get solid FPS numbers.

But, for a game that will transcend generations, it is simply a must play even on the smaller sized screen of the Deck.

3. The Witcher 3 (2015)

The Witcher 3 cover art - best single player steam deck games

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is known by many as one of the best games ever made so there’s no surprise it makes our best single player Steam Deck games list.

The third installment in Geralt’s journey is the most vast and offers the smoothest gameplay compared to the slightly more jankier first and second iterations.

In the years it has been released, it’s had even more content added to it along with a bunch of refinements, enabling lower powered devices to run it more smoothly.

This makes it an absolutely perfect choice for the Deck, especially for those that are really into some fantasy hacking and slashing.

4. Hogwarts Legacy (2023)

Hogwarts Legacy cover art
Credit: Avalanche SoftwarE/Warner Bros. Games

The chance to run around Hogwarts, learning as many spells as possible, and taking down evil wizards is one that you should grab with both hands, even on Steam Deck.

The take on the Wizarding World is nothing short of stellar, allowing you to get fully invested in the Harry Potter lore that many know and love.

You can even collect some magical beasts alongside growing various plants and ingredients needed for a bit of potion making. 

The combat is tight with a plethora of different spells in your arsenal, easily interchangeable even on the Deck.

All in all, if you’re after a magical experience with quests galore, all set in the Harry Potter realm, Hogwarts Legacy is just what you need.

5. Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)

best single player steam deck games - Cyberpunk 2077 cover art

There’s no doubt Cyberpunk 2077 launched in a pretty terrible state. There were bugs galore, the world was a little lacking, and crashes were a regular occurance.

Now though, the devs have put their heart and soul into it bringing new content and a boat load of improvements.

The futuristic setting paired with the updated mechanics, making it a real RPG, firmly places it as one of the top single player Steam Deck selections.

Even though it was a game that had heavy requirements, it is actually playable on Deck with pretty smooth FPS throughout. You do have to tweak some settings but it’s worth it for the experience.

6. Disco Elysium (2019)

best single player steam deck games - Disco Elysium cover art
Credit: Za/Um

If you’re into a bit of mystery and detective work Disco Elysium will be right up your alley.

This thrilling title inspired by the more tabletop games of the world is one that features some incredible story beats and gripping gameplay.

While it’s set in a gloomy world, there are some funny elements that break up the seriousness, something that you may not have expected but just work, and are a testament to the brilliant writing.

The RPG elements are surprisingly deep too, having long term effects on your playthrough and potentially steering you down paths that are exclusive to which skills you dump your points into.

The one drawback of playing this fantastic game on the Deck is that there is a lot of text to read on screen which some may find a little awkward at times. If that is the case though, you can simply hook it up to a TV and get a bigger picture experience.

No matter which way you choose to play it, Disco Elysium is not a game to be missed.

7. Vampire Survivors (2022)

Vampire survivors
Credit: Poncle

Vampire Survivors took the world by storm when it launched in 2022, shooting to the top of the most played games on Steam.

A simple but effective concept of never ending enemies trying to take you down can make for some heart in mouth moments that other titles simply can’t replicate.

The strategy of it all though is surprisingly complex with power ups galore and very precise movement that you will need to get some game time in to learn.

You’re not going to get any in-depth story here but for a game that you can pick up, get an action-packed round in, and dip out, it’s 100% worth a pick up.

8. God of War (2022)

best single player steam deck games - God of War cover art
Credit: Santa Monica Studio/PlayStation PC LLC

As we’re sure you’re aware, the reboot of God of War was an absolutely fantastic move by Sony, breathing huge new life into the franchise.

Thankfully, since it has been a few years since the PlayStation exclusive title was released, it has made its way onto PC and subsequently Steam Deck.

If you aren’t fully up to speed on what this new God of War iteration offers, basically it’s one of the best stories in recent memory. It gives Kratos a real sense of humility coupled with incredible heavy-hitting combat the classic titles were known for.

It performs really well on Steam Deck and is one that should be a must play for those wanting an engrossing single player game for long haul trips.

9. Death Stranding (2022)

Death Stranding cover art

Death Stranding, similar to that of God of War, got a PC port after its initial release on PlayStation consoles and boy are we glad it did.

A somewhat different experience to that of Metal Gear Solid, this Kojima title focuses more on exploration rather than stealth.

Your task – basically be the delivery boy  taking packages to those in need. While this may sound dull on the face of it, there’s something really tranquil about working your way across the world.

There are enemies too which you will need to take on so it’s not all pizza deliveries, so keep that in mind before writing it off.

For us, it’s one of those single player games on Steam Deck that just feels right.

If you’re a Kojima fan, you’ll love this game, and more than worth a pick up at its price point.

10. Dave The Diver (2023)

best single player steam deck games - Dave the Diver game case cover art
Credit: Mintrocket

Dave the Diver, like Baldur’s Gate 3, is a newer launch compared to others, but it is vastly different in gameplay.

You control a diver called Dave (what a massive coincidence), heading down into the depths to locate loot, find fish, and take on any predatory animals.

Once you’re done on your exploration, you’ll then be in charge of dealing with an increasingly busy restaurant, serving as many customers as possible.

It’s a fun, frantic, and surprisingly complex experience that is right up there with some of the amazing titles released in 2023.

It’s a more retro-looking side-scrolling affair so Steam Deck performance is buttery smooth, also extending the battery life due to its less intensive demands on the hardware.

All in all, the Steam Deck is a stellar bit of hardware that is perfect for single-player experiences. The games listed above are all fantastic choices with each offering a different set of plusses.

Whether you choose the expansive Elden Ring or the more linear God of War, your time will be spent more than wisely.

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