Best Pokemon White Cheats (With Codes)

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It’s time to get sneaky as we check out the 10 best Pokemon White cheats of all time!

After having a successful run with the first four main series games, Pokemon decided to switch up its formula in the 5th generation.

In contrast to the last titles, Black and White included a fascinating and engaging story as opposed to the previous titles, which were very surface-level.

The Unova region is home to many awesome Pokemon like Reshiram, Zoroark, Serperior, and Zekrom, just to name a few. The vast region features some of the best characters we’ve seen in Pokemon history.

So, it is no surprise when players want to replay the game in 2023!

Even though the games are great and diverge a lot from the original Pokemon formula, they still are very much a Pokemon main series game and carry a lot of flaws of the original ones.

If we’re being honest, the repetitive nature of the random battles and wild Pokemon encounters is enough to make many people quit mid-game!

So, why not use some cheats to speed up the bland parts of the game? In this listicle, we will show you just with the help of these 10 Best Pokemon White Cheats Of 2023!

Important:- Never use too many cheats together. Every time you use a cheat, save the game beforehand so that you don’t mess up your playthrough in the event of a crash.

10. Increasing Walking Speed

10 Best Pokemon white Cheats Of 2022 - Map layout

Let’s kick off this list of the best Pokemon White cheats by stepping the speed up a notch!

The Unova Region is vast, and traveling on foot will likely exhaust you. Even though the game gives you different modes of transportation, the speed of these modes will be slower than what this cheat can achieve.

As the name suggests, the cheat will allow you to walk at a super-fast pace once activated! You can move between towns in a few seconds at most. 


  • 52197FE4 1C05210C
  • 02197FE8 085F0056
  • D0000000 00000000

9. Walk Through Walls

 10 Best Pokemon White Cheats Of 2022 - walk through walls

The Unova region has many places you might want to visit, but you can’t because of the constraints set on you by the game.

Some areas are on and off the map, and some are only available via specific events. 

Using this cheat, you’d be able to walk through walls and other solid structures that don’t let you pass, like trees and fences.

With the cheat activated, you’d be able to walk off the map. In places where there is nothing, you’d see the edge of the Unova region, so be careful not to venture too far. If you fall off the map, there is no way to get you back.

How to use: After activating cheat, press L to walk through walls.


  • 521639A8 2010D101
  • 121639AE 00001C20
  • 94000130 FDFF0000
  • 121639AE 00000200
  • D0000000 00000000

8. 3D Camera Angle

The Unova region, to some degree, looks 3D. It was one of the selling points of the 5th generation games.

Even though the models are considered 3D, because of the fixed camera angle and the top-down view you get, the game doesn’t feel like the 3D we’re used to in the latest Pokemon games.

With this cheat activated, you’d have a proper 3D angle throughout the game, completely changing how you see the Unova region.

Many players decide to do a playthrough with this 3D angle, but this approach has certain downsides. There will be specific places where the top-down view will be better.

How to use: The 3D angles will be set once you use the cheat. To turn it off, remove the cheat.


  • 5228Aed0 61635F64
  • 2228Af5D 00000004
  • D2000000 00000000

7. Shiny Wild Pokemon Encounter

shiny pokemon cheat - 10 Best Pokemon White Cheats Of 2022

Shiny Pokemon are the crème de la crème of Pokemon. They are almost identical to their normal counterparts in stats, moves, nature, etc.

But, when it comes to their color scheme, the shiny forms, as the name suggests, are shinier and feature a much bolder color scheme. They are scarce, making them a coveted kind in Pokemon.

This scarcity of shinies will cost you hours if you go shiny hunting; rather than doing that, spend your time doing something more engaging. Use this cheat, and every encounter will be a Shiny!


  • 521A96F0 1C221C39
  • E2002200 00000028
  • 4C08B57E 88248865
  • 08ED4065 F1A7B40F
  • 1C06FD9F 40410401
  • 428D0CC9 D1F5BC0F
  • BD7E1C30 0224F95C
  • 021A96F4 FD84F658
  • D0000000 00000000
best pokemon white cheats - a collection of shiny Pokemon
May luck shine down on your next Pokemon catch!


The EXP share mechanism introduced in the later generations of Pokemon still has the community split. It makes the game way too easy as every Pokemon gets a level up regardless of their influence in battle.

Heck, your Pokemon doesn’t even have to battle for it to get free EXP.

Though the mechanic is highly criticized, if you’re someone who hates the grinding part of Pokemon, the EXP share can be a lifesaver.

With this cheat, you’ll get the EXP share, meaning every Pokemon in your party will get free EXP, regardless of whether they were battling. This makes the game way easier for you so that you can focus more on the story part.


  • 521CB45C 42819903
  • 121CB460 000046C0
  • D2000000 00000000

5. All TM

Having the best Pokemon in the Unova region is your one-way ticket to becoming the Champion.

However, just having the best Pokemon in your team isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to achieving success if you’re battling the elite four. You also need to have the best move sets for every Pokemon on your team.

There are certain moves that a Pokemon can learn, not through leveling up but by using TMs.

So, if you want to build the perfect Unova team, you also need the ideal moves, and TMs teach some of these moves. Unfortunately, these TMs are hard to find and consume much of your time.

Using this cheat will allow you to get a hold of every single TM in the game without having to search for them.


  • 94000130 FFFB0000
  • 02234760 0001026A
  • 02234764 0001026B
  • 02234768 0001026C
  • D5000000 00010148
  • C0000000 0000005B
  • D6000000 022345F0
  • D4000000 00000001
  • D2000000 00000000

4. Infinite Master Balls

Master Balls are Pokeballs with an almost perfect catch rate; every time you throw out a master ball, the Pokemon will be caught, regardless of the level of the Pokemon and its HP at that point in the match.

However, the Master Ball is scarce in the Unova Region; in your journeys, you’ll get only one Master Ball.

But, with this cheat, you could access unlimited master balls in a single click. You’ll no longer have to keep battling a Pokemon to make it weak; simply throw this ball as soon as the battle starts, and you’ll be surprised to see how easy the game gets once you have unlimited master balls.

How to use: Input the code and press L + R simultaneously.


  • 94000130 FCFF0000
  • 02233FCC 03840001
  • D2000000 00000000

3. Unlimited PP

10 Best Pokemon White Cheats Of 2022

Your Pokemon team might have the best type combinations, the best natures for every Pokemon, and the best stats n all of Unova.

But, if you’re Pokemon runs out of PP mid-battle, these stats will be as useless as Team Rocket’s plans of capturing a Pikachu. Especially in battles against the elite four, you’ll run out of PP fast.

Keeping your PP, and saving your Pokemon’s best moves for the Champion may sound like a good strategy, but you might lose at the elite four battle if you keep stalling your main move.

So, rather than stalling, use this cheat, and never in your playthrough will you have to worry about your Pokemon’s PP again!


  • 921D5638 0000D301
  • 121D5638 0000E003
  • D2000000 00000000

2. Unlimited Money

best pokemon white cheats - unlimited money falling down on Tepig

There are a lot of items in Pokemon that can have an impact on your playthrough. Most of the items will be available in the Poke Mart, but you’ll also need a lot of money to buy every single item.

Granted, you will never run out of money as you constantly battle other trainers.

But when you want super repels, your money won’t be enough. Use this cheat and you’ll get unlimited money in your account.

You’ll become the wealthiest 10-year-old in the Unova region and possibly every other game region with a single cheat. I wish there were a cheat like this for this game called Life.


  • 94000130 FFFB0000
  • 0223CDCC 0098967F
  • D2000000 00000000

1. Capture Opponent’s Pokemon

Of all the cheats in our list of the best Pokemon White cheats, this one is the sneakiest!

The opponents you face in Pokemon are, most of the time, pretty easy to deal with. Still, when battling the Gym, Trainers, the Elite Four, and the main villains, things escalate quickly, as these players have a team of Pokemon that is as formidable as yours, sometimes even better.

So rather than wasting your time leveling up or scavenging the Unova region for better Pokemon, steal your Opponent’s strongest Pokemon!

With this cheat activated, you’d be able to capture any Pokemon your Opponent is playing with just by towing a simple Pokeball at its mid-battle. But make sure to weaken the Pokemon first, just like you do with a typical battle in the wild.


  • 02002300 68006868
  • 02002304 60012100
  • 02002308 00004770
  • 521CBAC4 F7EC6868
  • 121CBACA 0000F636
  • 121CBACC 0000FC19
  • D2000000 00000000

And that’s a wrap!

Thank’s for checking out this article on the 10 best Pokemon White cheats of 2023! Hopefully, you’ll now have everything you need to make this game even more exciting!

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