Best Fighting Type Pokemon To Add To Your Team

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Clench those knuckles and brace yourself for a throw down; it’s time to check out the best Fighting type Pokemon of all time!

As an old school Pokemon fan, it’s surprising not to see the likes of Machamp in this list. Things have moved on a long way since the days of Pokemon Red and Blue, with so many powerful monsters joining the fight and pushing the OGs into retirement.

From the killer evolution of a fiery chicken through to the gnarliest wolf of all time, these fighting critters know no fear and aren’t ones to shy away from a challenge.

But which ones should be at the top of your team? Who has the lowest HP and which brings the thunder when it comes to hitting those one-hit K.Os?

Let’s find out!

10. Blaziken

The final evolution of Torchic and Combusken, Blaziken, kickstarts our list of the best Fighting type Pokemon of all time!

With 120 Attack, Blaziken is a hard hitter straight off the bat, especially due to its impressive Sp. Attack Stat of 110.

Sadly, it starts to go a little downhill from there. With 80 HP and Speed, it’s not going to last long against the other hard hitting names in this list, especially considering the poor Defence and Sp. Defence stat of 70.

Blaziken might look impressive, but that’s as far as it goes! Still, with moves like Brave Bird (it was once a chicken, after all) and Focus Punch, you’ll definitely put a hole in your opponents health bar before undoubtedly K.O’ing.

9. Urshifu

Fighting type pokemon - Urshifu

How many of you can remember getting Urshifu in the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC? It’s hard to believe that this mighty monster comes from the little cute Kubfu, isn’t it!

With 100 HP and Defence, he’s not going to fall at the first hurdle when it comes to battling foes. 97 Speed might not be enough to get your attacks in before the likes of the Pokemon in the top 3 spots, but that 130 Attack stat certainly will help when going up against mid-level trainers and opponents.

I say mid-level because, and this is unfortunate, Urshifu’s Sp. Attack and Sp. Defence are super poor, 63 and 60 respectively.

Focus Punch, Close Combat, and Dynamic Punch are some of the best moves to add to its moves list.

Just watch out for Flying, Psychic, and Fairy types, otherwise it could be game over very quickly.

8. Pheremosa

Pheremosa takes the 8th spot in this list of the best Fighting type Pokemon!

I know what you’re thinking; is Pheremosa a Fighting type Pokemon?

Well, it is, and it has one of the most impressive speed stats that I’ve ever seen! With 151 Speed twinned with both an Attack and Sp. Attack of 137, you’re bound to strike first and make a serious impact every time.

The thing is, you’ll need to get those attacks in first as Pheremosa’s HP is a paltry 71, which isn’t going to last very long against the likes of some of the legendaries in the series.

And it only gets worse from here. With a Defence of 37 and a Sp. Defence of 37, it leaves itself open to a whole world of pain whenever it walks into battle.

7. Buzzwole

Fighting type pokemon - buzzwole

If I could look hals as jacked as Buzzwole, I would be super happy, and those muscles are the main reason this mighty Pokemon has both an Attack and Defence stat of 139!

Basically, if you see a punch from Buzzwole coming your way, you should either duck or make sure you’ve written your will and left a note to your loved ones.

I guess the only problem with being so big is the fact that it’s hard to move with so much muscle, and Buzzwole definitely isn’t a fast . With just 79 speed, you’re going to hard pushed to make the first move.

Though hopefully, everyone will just be too scared to move when they see it.

Hammer Arm, Superpower, and Focus Punch are three of its most powerful moves, but don’t expect to do much Sp. Attack damage with its measly 53 stat.

6. Virizion

Virizion isn’t a mobile network in the Pokemon world, but it is the 6th critter in out list of the best Fighting type Pokemon!

We’re starting to see strong stats across the board now as we move further down our list. With an Attack and Sp. Attack stat of 90, it’s not going to take down the likes of Marshadow easily, though it can definitely withstand hard hitters from the bigger players thanks to its 129 Sp. Defence stat.

Would I like to see a bigger Defence stat than 72? Absolutely, especially as that nimble speed stat of 108 means that, if Verizion could withstand big hits, you could get in there and chip away at high level Ground and Electric type Pokemon.

That low Defence means that against Poison, Fairy, Flying, Psychic, Fire, and Ice attacks, poor old Virizion is going to bite the dust faster than a Tiramisu left alone in my presence.

5. Terrakion

Fighting type pokemon - Terrakion

Terrakion, surprisingly, has very similar stats to Virizion with the same overall stats total, which makes sense as they’re both members of The Swords Of Justice. And I say surprisingly because Terrakion has always looked like a raging bull that could eat Virizion for breakfast.

I guess you shouldn’t ever judge a book by its cover, right?

Terrakion’s 90 Defence stat beats Virizion, and it’s 129 Attack trumps the green-princeling’s 90. The tables turn when it comes to Sp. Defence though, with Terrakion bringing up a less-than-exciting 90 vs Virizion’s 129.

As I said, both these Pokemon have the same total stat points, but if you’re more interested in attacking than defending, then Terrakion should take precedence in your team, especially with Close combat, Sacred Sword, and Stomping Tantrum in its moves list.

4. Galarian Zapdos

Noted as a ‘strong legs Pokemon’ the Galarian Zapdos also has the same total stats as our Legendary Musketeers above.

And yes, this Zapdos is a Fighting type Pokemon as well as a Flying type Pokemon. While both the original Zapdos and Galar variants have the same stat totals, the Galarian Zapdos has a much better Attack stat, coming in at 125 as opposed to 90.

In terms of fighting moves, most of the moves Galarian Zapdos learns bar Thunderous Kick and Close Combat are designed to bulk up stats, making it a defensive stalwart for any fighting-based team.

3. Marshadow

Fighting type pokemon - Marshadow

If you’ve not played Pokemon Ultra Sun or Moon or Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on Nintendo Switch, then you won’t recognise this little ghostly character. Marshadow could well be one of the most unsuspecting critters in our list of the best Fighting type Pokemon, but man does it pack a punch.

Let’s number crunch those stats.

With 125 Attack and Speed stats, you can move in before the opposition and make a devastating blow with ease, all from a little tiny fighting ghost that looks a little like a lost child.

Close Combat, Spectral Thief, and Poltergeist are some epic moves that players should be looking to equip their Marshadows with, hoping to strike first before anyone can pick away at its unfortunately poor 80 Defence stat.

Still, with 90 HP, Sp. Attack and SP. Defence, this is one little monster that is sure to make a big difference in your team.

2. Kommo-o

Kommo-o looks like an ancient King heading into battle, and we’re all here for it. All those scales must be working out well for it considering it brings a Defence stat of 125 and a SP Defence of 105 to the table.

Which is a good job when you consider it only has 75 HP and a Speed of 85.

Boomburst, Clanging Scales, and Focus Punch are three of the best moves you can teach to your Kommo-o. With an Attack of 110 and a Sp. Attack, you’re not going to have any trouble knocking the opposition into the next town.

Kommo-o is weak against Fairy, Flying, Psychic, Ice, and Dragon, so keep an eye out on who you’re going up against to that you don’t have to watch that HP bar diminish with watery eyes.

1. Zamazenta (Crowned Shield)

Fighting type pokemon - Zamazenta crowned shield

It shouldn’t really be a surprise that a Pokemon with deflective armour and shields covering its neck and chest is topping our list of the best Fighting type Pokemon.

Zamazenta in Crowned Shield mode has a whopping Defence stat and Sp. Defence stat of 140.

140! Most of the normal attacks you’re going to come up against will just bounce right off Zamazenta without doing any damage, and the maximum Defence a Level 100 Zamazenta can have is 416.

Even Golem is quivering in its boots!

With 128 Speed there’s no chance you’re not getting in with the first attack either, and with moves like Close Combat and Steel Bean in its arsenal, I would hate to be the Pokemon across from it on the battleground!

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