AYANEO KUN Is The Most Powerful Windows Handheld Yet


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After months of teasing their most powerful Windows handheld console yet, AYANEO has finally revealed their AYANEO KUN gaming device.

It is true that AYANEO makes possibly the best Windows portable gaming machines. We just wish they would slow it down a bit so we can keep up.

It’s quite overwhelming to follow AYANEO’s release schedule and they have been releasing so many devices that are essentially the same.

But what is particularly special about the AYANEO KUN is that it is the perfect representative of AYANEO’s capabilities. And it will surely be their best device yet.

Update July 6, 2023: After AYANEO teased the KUN, they slowly started trickling out more details over the past day or so. They let everybody on Discord know that all specs will be revealed in an upcoming livestream (as expected). The interesting new details are the absolutely massive battery (75WH 19500mAh) and the KUN has a kickstand on the back. 
Image Source: ayaneo


Image Source: AYANEO

AYANEO have been teasing the KUN for about six months now, promising the most powerful Windows handheld on the market.

The exact CPU has yet to be confirmed, and I’ve reached out to AYANEO to try to get confirmation. But the particular chips that the community is anticipating is between the Ryzen 7 7840U and the AMD 6800U. Update July 23, 2023: Chipset later confirmed as the 7840U.

The AYANEO KUN also features a giant 8.4″ screen (2.5k), longer battery life, and improved heat dissipation performance. All upgrades from previous iterations in their handheld line.

The appearance of the KUN is not unlike other recent AYANEO handhelds.

This general shape and button layout is quite standard now, and we’ve seen nearly identical devices like the AYANEO 2S and the AYANEO GEEK 1S.

So again, while this new handheld doesn’t innovate so much, it certainly is a summation of the best components available.

What does appear to be a new feature are the circular touchpads, much like the square ones used on the Steam Deck.

The KUN also sports an eight-directional D-pad, Hall sensor joysticks, Hall triggers, fingerprint recognition, and a face recognition camera.

So obviously, AYANEO just wanted to pack as much tech in the KUN.

What To Expect

The KUN device has just been revealed as of today with a new image and several Twitter comments from AYANEO.

This was not a full specification outline, so there is still a lot to be announced at a later time.

We can anticipate that they will show us the KUN in full detail on a future livestream. And we can also expect an IndieGogo campaign for the device.

Pricing has yet to be announced. But with all of the ultra premium elements included, we should anticipate this new device will also come with AYANEO’s most premium price tag.

The AYANEO 2 starts at $1099USD, so I’d expect to see the KUN starting a couple hundred more than that.

This is certainly the most exciting device from AYANEO, so we’re keeping our eyes on this one.

As more information is revealed, we will update the specifics here. So keep checking back if you’d like to follow the KUN with us.

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