Atari To Launch NEW Limited Edition Clothing Collection

Atari Tempest Origins Capsule

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Atari has announced that they will be launching a limited edition collection of retro video game inspired clothing and art prints.

As one of the most well known retro brands in the world, merchandising is certainly no stranger to Atari.

But they have chosen an absolute stunner of a game to kick off this new limited line of clothing and art prints – the singular Tempest.

Tempest (1981)

Atari Tempest

The instantly recognizable Tempest was included in the Atari 50 collection, and is surely one of the most beloved arcade titles of all time.

This strange and beautiful game was originally intended to be a 3d remake of Space Invaders. But quickly became something entirely different and very unique.

If you have never experienced the distinct beauty of Tempest, I highly recommend you check it out to know what you are missing.

Because you may discover your next favorite game to play on a retro handheld.

It is really no surprise that of all of the games Atari could choose from, that Tempest is the focus of this brand new limited edition clothing line.

Tempest Origins Capsule

Atari Tempest Origins Capsule

“We are excited to share this limited collection that celebrates the Tempest, a game that is so closely associated with Atari’s history,”

-Wade Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Atari.

Surely the first of many collections, the new limited edition “Origins Capsule” will celebrate the beauty and legacy of Tempest.

Atari has previewed two t-shirt designs and two hat designs that feature Tempest inspired illustration by the artist Butcher Billy.

There will also be an exclusive art print, also by Butcher Billy, that we are dying to see when the line is officially announced to the public later today.

The new Tempest Origins collection will be available exclusively on on August 15th at 10:00am Eastern Time.

Atari has notified us that their drop will be delayed until August 16th.

And of course, Atari has promised more game celebrations coming to the Atari Club. So expect many more incredible classics to be featured in the near future.

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