ANBERNIC Officially Reveals “RG Cube” Handheld With 1:1 Display

anbernic rg cube

The leaks were real, and we now have an official look at the ANBERNIC RG Cube, a retro handheld featuring a 1:1 display, which is the new trend recently in the affordable emulation industry thanks to the Powkiddy RGB30 and RGB20SX.

We have only just finished reviewing ANBERNIC RG35XXSP, which is a phenominal budget device, but in ANBERNIC fashion there’s more handhelds flying out the door and this one could have the potential to be another great device.

ANBERNIC officially revealed the RG Cube on their YouTube channel, featuring a promotional video that shows ever angle, multiple colour choices and even the specifications!

The video reveals a lot and the handheld itself takes design inspiration from the upcoming ZPG A1 Unicorn, a device that has been in the works for what seems like years now, but they’ve left it too long and ANBERNIC has snaked their way into create it for themselves!

The RG Cube features a 4″ IPS display with a resolution of 720 x 720, alongside a 2.1 Ghz Unisoc T820 CPU, a Mali G57 GPU, 8GB’s of RAM and a 5200MAH battery alongside WiFi/Blueooth. Those are some serious for ANBERNIC, these specs were also featured in their RG556 handheld which we also enjoyed reviewing.

To put that into perspective it will mean this RG Cube has enough power to emulate Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64 and a wide selection of Gamecube and PS2 games. Albeit, most of those will look quite awkward on a 1:1 display, but we’ll take it!

anbernic rg cube specifications

This will mean that N64, Gamecube and Dreamcast games will likely play with very little issues, which is great as their screen ratios are close to 1:1 making it a somewhat pleasant experience.

The RG Cube will operate on Android 13 allowing you to use this with your favourite Android games and the capabilities to stream your video games from your PC, Playstation and Xbox.

The RG cube will be available in three different colours, beige white, radiant purple (which looks more like pink) and Gray which comes with colourful buttons. Not only that ANBERNIC has kept their LED analogue sticks on here too, a likely feature on their “higher end” product line of the devices starting with the RG556.

anbernic rg cube colors

Right now, it’s looking like a sleek device, I know some of you will be dissapointed that it uses a floating DPAD but there’s areas which do look like they’ve made the right decisions, for example the stacked hall triggers, the internal fan to dissipate heat, hall joysticks and internal gyroscope for those retro and Android games that use it.

I am excited to see what price point ANBERNIC price this at, they surprised us with the super affordable RG35XXSP, so I’d like to see this around the $100 mark seeing as it has great specs, an Android OS and a comfortable design.

The only issue I see here is that the small 5200MAH battery may not last as long as many gamers require, especially when pushing it to its limits via GC/PS2 emulation and Android gaming, but only time will tell. You can be certain we will be reviewing this when it launches in a couple of months, although that’s just my guess ANBERNIC has yet to reveal the release date.

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