All The Great Sky Island Shrines In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Now we know the 13 Best Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom beginner tips, it’s time we put them to use. If we don’t, discovering all the Great Sky Island Shrines in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is going to take ages.

Learning to use your Scope, exploring every inch of the terrain, even cooking, all act as a solid foundation for preparing you for the challenges these Shrines present. 

And if you’re thinking about skipping ahead and just diving down to Hyrule, I’m afraid you can’t until you unlock the Temple of Time door… which you need all four Shrines for. 

So, if you’ve yet to explore Great Sky Island, it’s about time we changed that and discovered where these Shrines are.

Ukouh Shrine

This is the first Shrine you’ll find on Great Sky Island, and the easiest to reach. Located near the Temple of Time, it’s a short trek before you reach the egg shaped structure. 

Go there and you’ll unlock Ultrahand, which allows you to craft useful tools and vehicles. Not surprisingly, you’ll need to use this new skill if you’re to get the Light of Blessing.

In-isa Shrine

Although you can travel to the other two Shrines in any order you want, I’d suggest you go to In-isa next. 

Inside, you’ll learn how to use Fuse, arguably one of the best abilities of the game. Use it to craft stronger weapons to help you take on the numerous enemies of Great Sky Island and beyond. 

Gutanbac Shrine

Next you want to head to Gutanbac Shrine. However, before you traverse this cold landscape, I’d recommend using any Spicy Peppers you’ve found to make a cold resistant meal or two. 

This Great Sky Island Shrine will teach you Ascend, a rather unique ability that allows you to rise through solid objects unscathed. Not only will it help with exploration, it’s also a handy tool to use during boss fights. 

Nachoyah Shrine

The fourth Shrine doesn’t become available to you until you’ve unlocked the other three. After which, you need to head to the Room of Awakening and climb those giant cogs; this is the only way to get to the last Shrine. 

To reach the cogs, use Ascend to get on top of the platform next to them, then jump across when a cog platform lines up with the ledge you’re on. Keep doing this until you get to the other side.

All The Great Sky Island Shrines In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom cogs

Link will learn Recall in this Shrine, an ability that allows you to rewind time in short bursts. It’s incredibly handy for when you make a mistake, like accidentally dropping a Korok in a lake (I’ve done this several times).

Once you’ve found all the Great Sky Island Shrines in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, it’s time to head back to the Temple of Time so we can descend to Hyrule below. 

Just a quick FYI: when you leave through the Temple of Time doors, you’ll follow a walkway that leads to a very long drop. Don’t jump! Instead, look up and use Ascend on the platform above you. Do that until you reach where Zelda is meant to be waiting for you. 

If you’ve already found all the Great Sky Island Shrines, it sounds like you’re ready to learn how to beat Flux Construct 1 in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom!
Don’t be scared, it’s an easy battle if you use my guide. 

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