Afterplay Emulator Finally Gets Offline Save Support

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The best online browser-based emulation solution, Afterplay, has just gotten offline save support for your retro gaming needs.

I’ve testing quite a few web browser emulators over the years, and I gotta say – this is by far the easiest I have ever used.

And not only is it super easy, but it comes jam packed with features to make your life easier.

Let’s take a look and find out why this is the next best emulator to use on the go.



If you’ve never heard of Afterplay, then you have been missing out on one of the most useful web-based emulators out there.

This is a unique solution, because it does not use the same Javascript based emulation base that other browser emulators are using.

Instead, it is using the best web assembly ports of real emulators like mGBA, snes9x, and SameBoy.

This means the emulators are accurate, are less prone to failure, and allows for a lot more features.

And Afterplay is full of features, indeed. Fast forward, rewind, slow motion, cheats, controller support, hot keys, and profiles to keep both your settings and game saves across platforms and devices.

This saving feature is perhaps one of the most useful. You can be playing Link’s Awakening on your phone at the coffee shop, and head back home to pickup where you left off on your computer using a controller.

The emulators will auto-save every 20 seconds and keep your last 20 auto-saves in a nice list you can easily load from other devices.

Offline Saves


Of course, being a browser-based emulator, you’d expect that an online connection is required. And you wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption.

You do need to provide your own ROM files and load them to the site to play a game. And all of the saves do work by loading your settings and game to the site as well.

But what is really cool is that if you happen to go offline for a while during game play, all is not lost.

Your browser is still saving everything (using index db, not cookies) and waiting for your connection to come back. It will immediately send all of your vital info to the site when it can.

This is a feature just added to the Afterplay. So it is awesome knowing that this is still a project being improved on a regular basis.

Use It Now


If you wanna start using Afterplay, it’s as easy as a quick signup with your email and go. Nothing to download (from Afterplay, that is), just login on any computer or phone and start playing.

I was playing my game within 60 seconds of going to the site, and it was automatically saving my progress as I went.

I gotta give it to the team over at Afterplay, you created a pretty awesome solution for those who do not own a dedicated emulation device. Highly recommend!

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