Pimp Your Game Boy Camera With The 2BitToy Camera+

2bittoy Camera+

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The 2BitToy Camera+ is an exciting new Game Boy Camera modification that you can 3d print and build yourself in the comfort of your own home.

This printable shell was designed by 2bitboy, a prominent member of the Game Boy Camera community.

The Game Boy Camera modding scene has absolutely exploded in the past couple years. Perhaps along with the popularity of the Game Boy itself.

We’ve shared some exciting entries in the growing list of progress in that scene, including the Camera M Project and a Game Boy Video Camera.

And now we have the absolute best Game Boy Camera modification that you can do yourself.

2BitToy Camera+

2bittoy Camera+

What makes the 2BitToy Camera+ so great is that you can make yourself. If you have a 3d printer, that is. Or you can just send it to the pros and let them print one for you.

Either way, you can have a really awesome new exterior shell for your Game Boy Camera that gives it a modern and minimal aesthetic.

And most exciting, this mod unlocks an entirely new feature for the Game Boy Camera; a professional camera lens.

Much like the previously mentioned Camera M project by our friend Chris Graves, the 2BitToy camera shell allows you to put a professional CS/C lens on your Game Boy Camera.

2bittoy Camera+

Many enthusiasts in the GB Camera scene want this kind of modification, because you can experiment with a wide range of lenses.

Who ever thought we’d have a Game Boy Camera with zoom lenses on them?

No longer are we limited to what the original fixed lens of the Game Boy Camera could see.

And with the shell being a 3d print, you can also get creative with that as well.

You can now own a black GB Camera, a white GB Camera, or a super clear GB Camera. Whatever color your heart desires, really. As long as they make the 3d filament for it!


2bittoy Camera+

Overall, the 2BitToy Camera+ shell by 2BitBoy is absolutely the best Game Boy Camera mod out there.

It’s simple, it’s to the point, and it’s expertly designed with an incredible look to it.

And it opens up a lot of possibilities to have a fully custom Game Boy Camera to fit your aesthetic and photography needs.

And if you purchase the 3d print files on 2BitBoy’s Kofi account (£10), you’ll be helping an independent artist in the Game Boy community keep creating awesome stuff like this for us.

A very small price to pay for the incredible quality of work and to keep this community growing.

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