Is An Xbox Handheld In Development? Insiders Seem To Think So!

The rumour mill is in overdrive that a new handheld Xbox console is in the works courtesy of Window’s Central’s Jez Corden. Prompted by a statement made on Twitter by Insider Gaming‘s Tom Henderson, which theorised Microsoft would be looking into a portable Xbox, Corden replied with a confident ‘They are’. The successes of the […]

New Xbox “Sebile” Controller Revealed Amidst Latest Leak

Xbox Sebile Controller

The Xbox rumor mill has been in full production for the past 24 hours. Among all of the leaks, a new Xbox “Sebile” Controller concept is what interested us the most. Today’s rumors are yet another part of leaked court documents related the FTC’s investigation into the troublesome Activision Blizzard acquisition. An Xbox X/S refresh […]