New PDP REALMz Controllers Feature Collectible Toys Inside

pdp realmz controllers

One of the leading third-party gaming peripheral manufacturers, PDP, has announced the PDP REALMz controller line, featuring iconic characters we all know and love. Everyone enjoys adding a new peripheral or two to their collection, either to use or to simply show off as a display piece. With a PDP REALMz controller, you get the […]

8BitDo Reveals New NEOGEO Wireless Controller

8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller

8BitDo, the kings of third-party gaming controllers, has just revealed their brand new NEOGEO wireless controller. Fans of the classic SNK Advanced Entertainment System home console will be absolutely blown away by the detail of these amazing new peripherals. 8BitDo NEOGEO Wireless Controller If you compare the new 8BitDo controller to the original NEOGEO controller, […]