Pimax Introduces A More Affordable “Non-VR” Retro Handheld

Pimax Portal

Pimax has introduced the new Portal-Retro handheld, doing away with the VR cameras and features, and now sporting a non removable controller. After hearing rumors about a possible upcoming “lite” iteration of the Pimax Portal, I reached out to Pimax for confirmation. And just a few hours later, their website had an official listing for […]

Firmament Is the Latest Exploration Game From Legendary Cyan Worlds


Firmament is the new mysterious exploration game coming from the legendary video game team Cyan Worlds. You’d surely know the works of Cyan from their massive hit Myst and its followup Riven. I was a massive fan of these two titles back when they released on PC, and I even took a liking to the […]

Pimax Portal Review – A Handheld With VR?

Pimax Portal

The Pimax Portal is a new Android based gaming handheld console that has a lot of really unique features that make it stand out from other Android devices available on the market today. I wrote the early impressions article here on Retro Dodo and I said that it was a device we just had to […]

Sony Announces Gran Turismo The Movie At CES 2023

The annual CES 2023 event has officially started today in Las Vegas, and Sony kicked their presentation off with some pretty awesome info about Gran Turismo content coming very soon. The CES event is focused on technology as a whole, and Sony has quite a lot of branches in the technology sectors. So their keynote […]

Ranking The Best Gran Turismo Games Of All Time

Put on your seatbelt and start your engine, as we take a look at the best Gran Turismo games! Since the first game appeared way back in 1997, there have been lots of Gran Turismo games – and each of them has been a technical showcase for its respective platform. Which ones are the best […]