DOOM 64 Is Coming To The Sega Dreamcast

A homebrew developer has shared a video of a work-in-progress Sega Dreamcast port of 1997’s DOOM 64 for the Nintendo 64. The port comes courtesy of jnmartin84, the same developer who was working on porting OpenLara to the Nintendo 64 (thanks to thesegaguru on YouTube). Jnmartin84’s DOOM 64 port is currently in ongoing development, with […]

Sega Is Up To Something After Revealing Cryptic Message To Fans


Sega recently made a post on their Twitter account directing their followers to the URL A visit to that website reveals a real-time countdown that is set to expire on February 13, 2023. Sneaky indeed. What exactly does Sega plan to announce on February 13th? The cryptic Twitter post was also paired with the […]

The 25 Greatest SEGA Dreamcast Games Ever Made

Nothing makes a retro console more interesting than one that could have gone onto greatness, which is why this list of the best Dreamcast games of all time has an exciting yet bitter-sweet feel to it (that’s a good thing – please don’t stop reading). The SEGA Dreamcast is a bit of an enigma. It’s […]