The Powkiddy x55 Came Out Of Nowhere

Powkiddy x55

Yesterday we learned about a brand new handheld emulator – the Powkiddy x55. And it’s one we didn’t even realize was in development. Actually, to be fair… we knew zero. But luckily, we’ve got friends in high places. Or more specifically, we’ve got friends who work directly with Powkiddy. So we got a bit of […]

Powkiddy is Ghost Dropping the New RK2023 Today

Powkiddy RK2023

Powkiddy is to release their latest horizontal format handheld later today, and that handheld is the new RK2023. This is one we had not heard of up until yesterday when Powkiddy gave developers the go-ahead to share the news. I got that early info yesterday, but of course the news has spread like wildfire within […]