Metal Shell Retroid Pocket 2S Is Coming Soon From GoRetroid!

Metal Shell Retroid Pocket 2S

GoRetroid has just announced a metal shell version of the Retroid Pocket 2S, just like the fans have been begging for. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest handheld news, then you know that it is a very good time to be into metal shells. The guys who work with GKD on their metal […]

Retroid Pocket 2S Review – The Best Handheld Under $100?

retroid pocket 2s

The Retroid Pocket 2S was an unexpected reveal. With GoRetroid innovating with the Retroid Pocket Flip and the previous Retroid Pocket 3+, I was adamant we’d see something unique for their next retro handheld. But instead they took one step back… and two steps forward with this device. The Retroid Pocket 2S is incredibly similar […]

Retroid Pocket 2S Specs, Pricing & Release Date Revealed

Retroid Pocket 2S

GoRetroid has really been keeping all of us at the edge of our seat over the past few days with the release of information about the Retroid Pocket 2S. Really, it wasn’t a slow release, it just felt slow because we got a tidbit about the highly anticipated handheld one day at a time. First […]

The Retroid Pocket 2S Officially Revealed In Exciting New Video

Retroid Pocket 2S

Just one day after the handheld community put the pieces together based on a cryptic image shared by GoRetroid about a new handheld, we now have the official reveal of the Retroid Pocket 2S. And it is looking just about as glorious as we had all expected. So let’s not waste any time with intros; […]