What Can a Hacked Nintendo Wii Do?

what can a hacked nintendo wii do

What can a hacked Nintendo Wii do? That’s a question that many console owners have been wondering over the years, especially since the Wii has fallen by the wayside in favour of the Nintendo Switch. I mean, the Wii was Nintendo’s best selling home console until their new hybrid hero stole the show, and I […]

Rating The Best Nintendo Wii Fighting Games Of All Time

Welcome to the RetroDodo list of the best Nintendo Wii fighting games of 2023. Boy do we have some epic fun prepared for you! You probably know already that we are huge fans of fighting games in general. The crew at RetroDodo have spent a fair amount of time in battle, and we consider ourselves […]

Modder Creates “WiiSP” A Gameboy Advance Nintendo Wii Hybrid


The retro modding scene never ceases to amaze us. Over the last 12 months we’ve seen the Virtual Boy Console, the Boxy Pixel Custom Gameboy and the ArcadeBoy. But now, the modder known as StonedEdge on YouTube has created a custom Nintendo Wii that looks exactly like the Gameboy Advance SP called the WiiSP. His […]

3 Best Nintendo Wii Emulators Of 2024

best nintendo wii emulators

If you’re looking to play your Nintendo Wii games on modern technology such as your PC, your Mac or your smartphone then you’ll probably want to download one of the best Nintendo Wii emulators around. Playing the best Nintendo Wii games wherever you want without having to spend a fortune on the classic consoles is […]