What Can a Hacked Nintendo Wii Do?

what can a hacked nintendo wii do

What can a hacked Nintendo Wii do? That’s a question that many console owners have been wondering over the years, especially since the Wii has fallen by the wayside in favour of the Nintendo Switch. I mean, the Wii was Nintendo’s best selling home console until their new hybrid hero stole the show, and I […]

Nintendo Wii Converted Into A Mac Mini By Modder

Wii to Mac Mini

If your nostalgia senses are tingling, then it’s probably because a Nintendo Wii converted into a Mac Mini has recently come onto our radars. Nintendo’s Wii console is now sixteen years old. Many gamers, including those of us at Retro Dodo, are reluctant to class it as ‘retro’ though. Don’t forget that it’s since been […]