Ranking The Best Fire Emblem Games Ever Made

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It’s time to show our appreciation for the best Fire Emblem games of all time! It’s no secret that these games are classed as Nintendo’s very own Final Fantasy series, but they’re way more than that. These games shook up the RPG genre forever, especially once they finally arrived on Western shores. With memorable characters, […]

Ranking The Best NES RPG Games For Adventure & Strategic Battling

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Grab the most trustworthy warrior, mage, and demon you can find as we delve into the world of the best NES RPG games! It’s safe to say that the NES had some cracking titles, and it paved the way for some of the best magical adventures of our generation. It played host to epic titles […]

The Best N64 RPG Games For Retro Adventurers

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Tally up those battle points; it’s time to check out the best N64 RPG games ever made! While the PS1 played host to a whole host of epic RPGs and the iconic Final Fantasy canon, the N64 had its own collection of gems available for fantasy fans to play through. As well as playing host […]

The Best Nintendo DS RPGs For Questing On The Go

Search for that spare stylus and your old charger; it’s time to check out the Best DS RPGs of all time! The DS is the most popular handheld console of all time. That’s not just my opinion; it’s a fact, and with this accolade came a host of fantastic games. And one genre that the […]