Emulation Station Is Now Available On Android

Emulation Station is now available on Android, allowing retro gamers to play their collections on more devices than ever before. The news was revealed earlier today in the Emulation Station Discord by Leon Styhre, the developer behind Emulation Station. Styhre wrote on Discord; “I’m very happy to announce that after months of hard work ES-DE […]

Sugar Cubes X Jelly Handheld Controller Looks Pretty Sweet

Sugar Cubes X Jelly Handheld Controller

The brand new “Jelly” handheld controller from Sugar Cubes is just one of many exciting projects that this emerging team has coming in 2024. I am in direct contact with the people at Sugar Cubes. So I have a bit of inside knowledge about several projects in development like the incredible Small Universe project. But […]

ZPG A1 Unicorn Handheld Revealed, Adding Some Spice To The Scene

ZPG A1 Unicorn

The incredible new ZPG A1 Unicorn handheld has just been announced from the people behind GKD and RetroCN. This news comes just one day after the official reveal of the pocket friendly GKD Pixel, which is also looking quite nice. But as you can in our preview image, this new “Unicorn” device is living up […]

GarlicOS 2.0 Unlocks Linux On Unisoc Android Handheld Emulators

GarlicOS 2.0

Prolific programming wizard Black Seraph has just announced the release of GarlicOS 2.0 on popular Unisoc Android emulation handhelds. This means that some of the best consoles of 2023, which were previously Android-only experiences, will be set free from their cage. And for the first time, a user-friendly Linux OS will be available on these […]

Metal Shell Retroid Pocket 2S Is Coming Soon From GoRetroid!

Metal Shell Retroid Pocket 2S

GoRetroid has just announced a metal shell version of the Retroid Pocket 2S, just like the fans have been begging for. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest handheld news, then you know that it is a very good time to be into metal shells. The guys who work with GKD on their metal […]

Pimax Introduces A More Affordable “Non-VR” Retro Handheld

Pimax Portal

Pimax has introduced the new Portal-Retro handheld, doing away with the VR cameras and features, and now sporting a non removable controller. After hearing rumors about a possible upcoming “lite” iteration of the Pimax Portal, I reached out to Pimax for confirmation. And just a few hours later, their website had an official listing for […]

TJD T80 is Another Handheld Monster You Probably Shouldn’t Buy


The new TJD T80 is an Android-based handheld monster that is giving us déjà vu, as it is nearly identical to the TJD T101. But where the TJD T101 focuses on Windows gaming, the new T80 will have its focus on Android applications and pure emulation power. It is truly living up to their tagline […]

Anbernic Reveals Fan Requested RG405V Retro Handheld

Anbernic RG405V

After months of requests from the community, Anbernic has revealed a brand new vertical Android-based handheld, the Anbernic RG405V. And it is technically exactly what we all asked for – a vertical version of the RG405M. But now that we see it in practice, is it everything we hoped for? Well… not exactly. Update August […]

AYN Odin2 Has Been Fully Revealed With All New Design

AYN Odin2

After a tense week of teaser images, AYN has finally revealed their upcoming Odin2 handheld on their IndieGogo campaign page. And many within the handheld community were quick to notice that the Odin2 design is essentially what AYN had offered last year as the “Loki”. Eventually, the design of the AYN Loki changed quite a […]

AYN Odin2 Officially Teased On Their IndieGogo Page

AYN Odin2

Just shortly after the launch of the Loki handheld device, AYN is back at it again with the highly anticipated Odin2. Which, of course, is the followup to one of the most popular handhelds of 2022: The AYN Odin. We knew this day would come, but we didn’t expect it to come so soon. Many, […]