10 Hardest Final Fantasy Games That Will Break Your Spirit

Final Fantasy, Square-Enix’s long-running flagship JRPG series isn’t overly tough, but there are several games that’ll have players casting Curaga repeatedly due to some particularly demanding enemy encounters. It’s not just fearsome foes that can up the difficulty in a Final Fantasy game either. Some titles in the Final Fantasy canon test players with protracted […]

Incredible Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics To Play This Year


If you’re looking for games like Final Fantasy Tactics to play in 2023 then look no further as we have a list of ten great games to test your tactical brainpower. Final Fantasy is best known for its narrative driven, numbered entries in the main series. Several games within the core franchise have become staples […]

Final Fantasy Piano Collections Soundtracks Released Online

Square-Enix have added multiple Final Fantasy Piano Collections Soundtracks to online streaming services. Songs from thirteen titles in the long-running JRPG series are now available to stream across all major music streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Deezer. The Piano Collections page on Square-Enix’s website confirms that ‘Songs from the ”Piano Collections FINAL […]

Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Collection with Parco

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary

Square Enix has teamed up with Japanese retailer Parco for a special Final Fantasy 35th anniversary collection. Admittedly, I had to do some research on Parco. I had heard the name before, but did not know exactly what they were all about. Parco is a department store in Japan that provides a space for retail […]

Final Fantasy VII Day Is Now An Official Holiday In Japan

You will never forget where you were on the very first Final Fantasy VII Day. It’s something you will tell your grandchildren about. Yes retro gaming fans, this is real… January 31st is officially registered as “Final Fantasy VII Day” in Japan. This announcement comes via a Twitter post from the official FFVII account. The […]