Evercade Reveals New Cartridge Friendly Mini Arcade Cabinets

evercade alpha

I’ll be honest, I did not see this coming from Evercade (even if its literally in their name), and I couldn’t be happier. Today Evercade has officially revealed their latest piece of hardware, combining their love for physical cartridges and the classic arcade cabinets from the past. They are calling it Evercade Alpha, the first […]

Evercade Tease An ‘Alpha’ Reveal For Next Week

Evercade, the creators of modern cartridge based retro gaming hardware, have teased an upcoming announcement, simply titled ‘Alpha’. The tantalising tease came from Evercade’s Twitter account yesterday afternoon and consists of a date, a time, and a link to a page on the company’s website that simply reads ‘Coming Soon’. Evercade will reveal whatever their […]

Blaze Entertainment Announce The Evercade EXP-R And Evercade VS-R Consoles

Blaze Entertainment have just announced the updated versions of their Evercade EXP and VS consoles with the newly unveiled EXP-R and VS-R consoles. The makers of the excellent Evercade EXP and the Evercade VS shared the announcement in a video on their official YouTube channel this afternoon. The new machines both sport an updated livery […]

HyperMegaTech Announces NEW Handheld Series

HyperMegaTech Super Pocket

After a few months of silence, we now have solid details about the new retro game brand HyperMegaTech and their upcoming products. This new brand from Blaze Entertainment, the makers of the Evercade, was announced back in April of 2023. And since that time, we’ve been dying to know what they planned on announcing. Now […]

Limited Edition Evercade VS Atomic Edition Revealed (Only 2000 Units)

Evercade VS Atomic Edition

The newest entry in Evercade’s VS console lineup is a brand new Atomic Edition, inspired by 80s and 90s action movies and video games. As someone who grew up in that golden era, I have to say that this bundle is looking quite “radical” and “gnarly”! For those who don’t understand the slang, that means […]

10 Best Pac-Man Games of All Time

best pac-man games

It’s time to pop a power pill and eat some ghosts as we take a look at the best Pac-Man games of all time. Which are the best Pac-Man games ever, in your opinion? Hopefully you agree with this list, if now, hit us up on socials to discuss. Let’s find out! 10. Baby Pac-Man […]

Evercade EXP Review – A Superb Cartridge Based Handheld

evercade exp

The original Evercade was created in 2020, and relaunched the hype for cartridge based handhelds, allowing those that miss reading manuals, trading games with friends and blowing cartridges a chance to fall in love with a new product. New handheld emulators are launched almost every week, but handhelds like this come less often than I […]

Classic 90s RPG ‘Dragon View’ To Be Re-Released On SNES

Back when Blockbuster Video was still around in the early 90s, one of the very small number of SNES games my local branch had was Drakkhen, a part-side view, part pseudo-3D RPG with a massive and impressively ambitious open overworld for its day. Though the learning curve was high, it was an immersive and compelling […]