CRKD & Limited Run Games Announce New Limited Edition Tomba! NEO S Controller

Image of the CRKD Tomba controller

We’ve had a very CRKD couple of weeks here at Retro Dodo, what with our recent podcast with co-founder Jack Guinchard and receiving some NEO S controllers through the door to check out in the flesh. And to end this week off nicely, we’ve received news from CRKD HQ that a Limited Edition Tomba! NEO […]

CRKD Confirms Three New Products Heading Our Way Before Christmas

Seb Jack and Brandon on the Retrospect Pod

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jack Guinchard, the Co-Founder and Global Brand Manager of CRKD on our latest episode of the Retrospect Podcast and quizzed him on the creation of the brand, the future of the Nitro Deck, and all things Retro, as well as a snippet about new products heading our way […]

CRKD Neo S Controller Review – Style Over Substance

CRKD, the team behind last year’s excellent Nitro Deck grip for the Nintendo Switch, have entered the controller market with a fashionable new pad, the NEO S. We often overlook our controllers, the literal connection between player and the world inside of the TV screen. A good controller should bridge that gap seamlessly, allowing players […]

CRKD Reveal New “Stick Top Packs” For The Nitro Deck

crkd stick top packs

If you’re not familiar with CRKD, then let me briefly introduce you. CRKD recently launched their new Nitro Deck grip for the Nintendo Switch and it blew us away. It’s a superb grip, with a nostalgic touch, mappable buttons, removable analogue sticks and great comfortability, you can read our full Nitro Deck review here. As […]

Nitro Deck Introduces NEW Retro Inspired Crystal Collection

Nitro Deck Crystal Collection

CRKD has just expanded their incredible Nitro Deck line with four new transparent editions in the Crystal Collection. Transparent tech is obviously not exclusive to any particular era, but there is something about neon colored see-through devices that feel retro. It always reminds us of the golden era of Game Boys and the Nintendo 64. […]

CRKD Nitro Deck Review – The Best Switch Grip?

crkd nitro deck review

The CRKD Nitro Deck is quite simply a premium grip for the Nintendo Switch, working with both the original and OLED models. It’s unique in many ways, and ever since its reveal earlier in the year it has received a lot of attention thanks to it’s unique design, nostalgic features and ergonomics. But is it […]