AVI-8 Partners With Capcom To Launch Classic Arcade 1942 Watches

Capcom 1942 Watches

Retro gaming fans can show their love of the classic Capcom arcade title 1942 in style with this new premium watch collection from Avi-8. The appropriately named “Flyboy” field pilot watches are an official Capcom collaboration. And surely you’d agree that this is the perfect gift for retro gaming fans with high end tastes. [Seen […]

HyperMegaTech Announces NEW Handheld Series

HyperMegaTech Super Pocket

After a few months of silence, we now have solid details about the new retro game brand HyperMegaTech and their upcoming products. This new brand from Blaze Entertainment, the makers of the Evercade, was announced back in April of 2023. And since that time, we’ve been dying to know what they planned on announcing. Now […]

Capcom Launches 40th Anniversary Website With Free To Play Retro Games

Capcom Town

Capcom has just launched the appropriately named Capcom Town website in celebration of their 40th anniversary. The new website acts as an online museum commemorating all of the incredible video game titles to come from one of the absolute best in the business. Games like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Ace […]

12 Best Capcom Games of All Time

best capcom games

Time to practice those hadoukens and even get some monster hunting done – as we check out the best Capcom games of all time! We recently put the call out on Twitter to find out what everyone’s favourite Capcom game was. Unsurprisingly – considering Capcom’s long history of excellent games – there was quite an […]

Ranking The Best Street Fighter Games (Best To Worst)

The Best Street Fighter games list is a difficult one to compile – having been in existence since the very first game hit arcades in 1987 (though the series truly exploded in popularity when the iconic sequel – Street Fighter II – was released in 1991). Generations of fans have discovered the series at different […]