20 Best 32X Games For Sega’s Short-Lived Add-On

a selection of 32x games on the retro dodo background

Choosing the best 32X games is a little like deciding which of the world’s deadliest diseases has the nicest personality. There’s not a lot of choice, and no one really wants to make that decision when they could be playing on the best SNES games with a smile on their face. Still, that’s why you […]

Listing The Best SEGA CD Games For The 90s Genesis Add-on

A selection of Sega CD game cases on the Retro Dodo background

If your first thought when you wake up in a morning is about getting back into bed with your favourite retro game, then this list of the best SEGA CD games should certainly grab your attention. Forget the modern-day world of online multiplayer royales and 4K T.V’s; I want you to come back to a […]