All Mario Party Games For Every Console Ranked (From Best To Worst)

Grab your dice block and call in an ally; it’s time to rank all of the best Mario Party games of all time! Nintendo know how to make amazing multiplayer titles, and there’s no better example than Mario Party. Filled with marvellous minigames and coin-collecting-capers, these games have been keeping us entertained since 1998. Yes, […]

Ranking The Best Super Mario Games Of All Time

Mario games laid out on a table

Writing about the best Mario games isn’t work; it’s an absolute pleasure. There are so many amazing titles featuring everyone’s favourite red-hatted-hero that some people might find it daunting, but not this nerd. I grew up with Mario, fighting Bowser at every turn and racing laps around Wario whenever I got the chance. It’s fair […]

10 Best Mario Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Friends

Rob holding 3 mario multiplayer games

While gamers of all ages have locked themselves away in their online virtual caves, the best Mario multiplayer games are still championing couch co-op gaming and get-togethers with friends. Nintendo has always held multiplayer gaming at the heart of its brand. From the original Super Mario Kart game for the SNES right through modern-classics like […]