10 Best Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

The Nintendo Switch Lite is out which means there are already a list of Nintendo Switch Lite accessories that you need to take a look at if you’re picking up this new handheld. Most of these are already available, some custom made, some produced by larger companies, but there’s nothing better than getting prepared to pimp your Nintendo Switch for when it gets delivered to your door on 20th September 2019.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is much smaller, comes with larger battery life and it’s generally a more portable handheld, but unfortunately it lacks a large number of features that might keep people from buying one. It’s basically a modern day Gameboy Advance, and we can’t wait to get hold of it. So let’s take a look at 10 of the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories you can get your mittens on!

Twelve South Nintendo Switch Stand

twelve south stand

The first on our Nintendo Switch accessories list is a must buy, the new Nintendo Switch Lite unfortunately does not have a kick stand, meaning if you do want to pair it with joy cons (which you can do) you’ll struggle to stand up your console. So a high quality stand, made out of aluminium will pair well when you need to play in stand mode, and you’ll get no better, long lasting stand than Twelve South’s Compass.

It can fold up into a very portable form factor, allowing you to chuck it in your bag when you travel, and when you take it out a strong flick will open it up, ready for you to play. Oh and it’s perfect for displaying your custom Nintendo Switch Lite!

Pokedex Cartridge Holder

With the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield it’s only fair that we have some Pokemon products in this Nintendo Switch Lite accessories list. One that we actually own ourselves is this, the Pokedex Cartridge holder with custom Pokemon designs on the front. Yes, that’s the three new starters in the upcoming game, Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey.

This product has been 3D printed and as you can see it has gone into a lot of detail! This is a great way to store and transport your cartridges and a great product for a true Pokemon Master.


aukey power bank

With any portable handheld with a large screen comes the consumption of battery power and although the LITE has more battery life than the original Switch, you’ll still find yourself in stick situations where you’ll need more power. To pair with the Switch Lite we have added this Aukey Power Bank to our Nintendo Switch Lite accessories list.

It’s slim line, packs 20,000mah, and comes with USB-C which the Switch Lite uses. This will charge your Lite two times over, allowing you to game on the go for hours on end! Aukey are one of the best battery products around, we’ve been using them for years and their battery packs are still going strong to this day. It’s certainly worth a pick up if you play a lot on the go.

128GB Micro SD Card

Yes, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a cartridge slot, but let’s be honest, most of us like to download our games, but with these high end games comes, well, lots of needed space. So Nintendo has teamed up with SanDisk to make Nintendo Switch specific SD Cards, built for speed. They’ve also added a little logo on each of them, just for that extra nerd in us.

128GB might be overkill for some, but this will hand a lot of your games, and it’s a size that lets you never worry about needing more. This, is the one Nintendo Switch Lite accessory that you can’t go cheap on.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

nintendo switch joy cons

The worst part about the Nintendo Switch Lite has to be the lack of removable joy-cons, we love to play wirelessly and love the seamless transition from TV to handheld mode. But, you can still do this with the Lite… kinda. You can connect any joy cons to your Switch Lite, but only wirelessly, obviously.

This is all fun and games until you realise what we said in our first product, the lack of a kick stand. So even if you want to play with joy cons with a friend, you’ll have to find somewhere to stand it up if you haven’t grabbed a portable stand of some kind. So, get that before you get hold of new joy cons!

Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case

nintendo switch lite case

If you’re lugging around a Nintendo Switch without a case, then you deserve what’s coming to you. Small scratches, scuffs and a potential broken screen will be what you get. So having a cheap case that does the job is a must feature in our best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories list.

This isn’t the most expensive case you can find, because we believe the cheap ones will do just fine for chucking in your bag when you travel. This one here called “Venom” also comes with a couple of extra accessories such as grips, and cleaning kits to keep your Switch clean and safe on the go. There’s no crazy design on it either, plain old black that causes less attention!

Master Sword Cartridge Case

master sword case

If the Pokedex cartridge case wasn’t enough, we’ll spice up this Nintendo Switch Lite accessories list with a big a** sword. this is the Master Sword cartridge case 3D printed for you to carry your games in serious style.

We wouldn’t advise travelling around with this, pulling this out on the tube might not go down well, but it’s certainly a great way to show off your games collection in your office or games room. All it needs is a small stand, or something to attach it to a wall. The quality isn’t superb as it has been 3D printed, but it’s good enough for you to get some serious nostalgic feels. Pulling this out every time you want to play has to be the coolest way to get you in the gaming mood!

8BITDO Wireless Controller

8bitdo controller

Yes, the normal Joy-Cons are cool, but do you know whats cooler? A wireless gamepad that resembles the old SNES controller. This is the 8BITDO Gamepad Pro, a well designed, wireless controller for your Nintendo Switch Lite, and smartphones/tablets. It’s small, portable and works a treat with most games on the Switch.

Obviously, motion controls and rumble effect won’t work on this, but it’s a great addition to the Nintendo Switch Lite accessories list because it screams retro and it has phenomenal build quality. Plus, we all need a bit of retro in our lives.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbuds

hyperx cloud earbuds

Thank god the Nintendo Switch Lite has a headphone jack, we thought they might stick with the Apple trend and get rid of it, but they’ve decided to keep it… for now. So what better way to game on the go than with a decent pair of gaming earphones? We’ve used a wide number of HyperX products in the past, and are still using their headphones to this date, but headphones for us, are a little to big to pair with the Switch Lite.

So, you can go for the earbud versions here which don’t break the bank, but the do pack one hell of a punch. They’re superb quality, will last you for a long period of time, and they’re build specifically for the Switch, which means they’ve put a little more thought in for us Nintendo Switch gamers out there!

Nintendo Switch Game Case Display Holder

switch case holder

if you’re like us then displaying your games is a big part of being a retro gaming collector. Yes, you could have them stacked on your shelf, but what good is that? You need a stand, and a stand that doesn’t cost a fortune. This stand is all you need. A minimalist way of putting your games on show.

This is quite simply a black stand that can hold up to 12 Nintendo Switch Games up right. Allowing you to show off your collection and easily see which game to choose next. A cheap, affordable Nintendo Switch Lite accessories that we all kinda want in our gaming rooms.