game kiddy 350h

Game Kiddy 350H Is The Latest $100 Handheld On The Block

Our best retro handhelds list could be getting bigger and bigger by the day due to the Game Kiddy 350H handheld coming out in the next month or so. This is a handheld created by Game Kiddy, a well known brand in China who create toys and electronics.

Before we get into the juicy details of the Game Kiddy 350H we need to mention that this handheld is currently incredibly hard to get hold of. Just like the Retro Game 350 the company has only made a handful of units as it’s first batch, and unfortunately this first batch is just for China, so anyone wanting to get hold of this outside of the country will have the hang around for a while.

We’ve tried getting a supplier, an agent and a friend who lives in Shenzen to try and source us one to ship back to the UK, but no luck. It seems as there was only about 30 units in the first batch, maybe they’ll double that for the second batch which we are sure will be China only again. We can’t see this coming to us Western folk until November or December, which is a little depressing but it means we get to play our retro games on this thing for Christmas.

Game Kiddy 350 Specifications

The Game Kiddy 350H is slightly more powerful than its similar friends, such as the upcoming Bittboy Pocket Go V2. It comes with a 3.5″ IPS LCD display with a resolution of 320×240 pixels and an aspect ration of 4:3. It has a MIPS 1.5GHZ processor which is known for high performance and low power consumption, so the battery life should be more than enough for your average retro gamer. Obviously it comes with a SD/TF card slot for your gameboy emulator and more.

On the face you have an analog joystick, D-pad, four action buttons, two LR buttons and two system buttons. You get a headphone hack, some mono speakers which are probably terrible like all the other handhelds and a micro USB port for charging its 2300mah battery. We’re not sure why they haven’t added in a USB-C port for charging as that’s the normal port nowadays, but hey, this is Game Kiddy we’re talking about here, maximum profit margins.

It’s coming to the market at a brilliant time, just as the RG 350 has landed, and the upcoming Pocket Go V2, and even though it’s the same size as them both, it’s much more portable, the analogue stick doesn’t pop out like the other two, meaning it can slip in and out of your pocket with no trouble. We’ve only seen three versions of the Game Kiddy 350H so far, a black, a transparent, and an orange transparent version. They all look nice, apart from the black which looks like it’s been found in a cereal box or a kinder egg.

From the picture above you can see most of the emulators it can play, such as GB, GBA, MD, NES, SENS, MAME, PS1, SMS and a lot more. We can’t discuss how well it performs because we have yet to review this retro handheld, but we can imagine it can play most it can chuck at it apart from your N64 and Dreamcast because well, those need a much better CPU.

All that we can say at the moment is this is most certainly a competitor to Retro Game and Bittboy, but appearance wise it’s not our favourite, and this is where Game Kiddy might lose a few customers. You can be sure we’ll have a full review and more information here once we get hold of the unit. Are you interested in this handheld, or is the Game Kiddy 350H not tickling your taste buds? Let us know on Twitter @retro_dodo!

Credit: Taki Udon for images.